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Circuit Sweet Exclusive: Listener Live Interview [Live Feature]

October 14, 2012

A date we’d been looking forward to for quite some time. When we heard that we were interviewing an act we listen to pretty much every day, an act we idiolise in our own way, we couldn’t contain the excitement. A band which means a lot to us personally- it was the date which bought our summer to a fantastic end- interviewing Listener during their UK tour. Friday August 24th we joined the band ahead of their show at The Actress and Bishop in Birmingham, to find out about the musicians, their touring lifestyle, their inspirations, their releases, new records, future plans and lots more.
Typically, the weather left a lot to be desired but when we got to the venue and introduced ourselves to Listener we were honored with the reception. Relaxing during the sound check; Dan Smith, Chris Nelson and their latest addition found in the phenomenal drummer- Chris , we could only find one suitable place to film so please be aware of extra noise and with only one take to shoot the entire film and no choice but to continue filming no matter what- we had to try and battle off beggars. The only interview to date where that has happened. But regardless we got a few minutes to chat to a talented act and get them to open up and confide all things listener.

Circuit Sweet + Listener:

We thank Dan, Chris and Chris, for sitting down and spending some time with us. We feel privileged to have been apart of their night.

Following the interview it was of course time for the live proceedings of the evening. In the crowd a lot of familiar faces to Circuit Sweet featuring members of Zebedy Rays, Virals and Tallulah Fix.
With a vast array of support acts it was Listener which really pulled everyone in ready to play to a sea of adorning fans. From the start Listener managed to captivate their audience with a flawless unmissable performance from the band. Introducing Chris on drums to the UK crowd and with a doubt a highlight for the performance- Chris is a fantastic drummer, simply draws your eyes into everything he does and to see his delivery when connecting with multi instrumentalist Chris Nelson is incredible. These two musicians just bounce from one another and so do their talents.

All images by Oli Montez.
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Their set compromised as a showcase to their notorious material established throughout their  array of previous releases and keeping fans on their toes with newer material, and quite frankly the best cover of Joy Division’s classic ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart;. With every face in the crowd fixated on Dan whose presence during the performance is fugacious, as he looks into himself to project every word, every note in a meaningful manner. A  playful ,meaningful and addictive set, Listener really are something else, and a live act we urge everyone to witness. The chemistry each musician brings to the mix when they share the stage is unlike so many bands we see from day to day. To still see the passion in each track they play, to connect with their crowd and to honestly love what they’re doing is something that  can at times go unnoticed. But not with this force!

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All Photography- Oli Montez
Interview – Naomi Preece

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