Feldspar release video for Cressida. Second track from their debut EP ‘The Flat and Paper Sky Vol I’

September 13, 2012

Feldspar release video for Cressida.
Second track from their debut EP
‘The Flat and Paper Sky Vol I’

“Feldspar make glorious, lush folk music, building on a rich heritage of storytelling that soundchecks The Pogues to Nick Drake” … “gorgeous, autumnal soundscape, equal parts melancholy and inspiring” The 405

“Newcomers Feldspar create stunning and delicate folk harmonies, perfect for these early Autumnal days” Thank Folk For That

“an astonishing debut from one of the most interesting folk bands in years.. some of the most evocative music ever” Vulture Hound

The Flat and Paper Sky Vol. I, released on October 1st, is Feldspar’s debut release and will be the first of two EPs from this intriguing new band in 2012.

“The Flat and Paper Sky takes its name from a book of poetry by Edith Sitwell called Façade. The themes in Façade – writing and memory; light and darkness; the influence of the past on the preset; the power of lust; the corruption of society – are the same themes we address in this EP. Lyricist and frontman Will Green

Will on Cressida and the video – “Cressida is a re-telling of the ‘Troilus and Cressdia’ story set during the Trojan war, hence the military feel to the track. Previous versions of the story have made Cressida out to be a faithless woman for betraying her ‘one true love’, so this song attempts to see the story from her perspective. She is utterly disillusioned with ‘love’ because of the lust and ambition of men both on a personal and global scale, so for male characters (and authors) to criticize her is pretty rich. The video captures the mood of the song brilliantly as two men fight over a woman, whilst actually completely ignoring her. The end of the video where the female character entirely seizes back power over the scene is particularly vivid.”

Feldspar are: Will Green (guitar and lead vocals); Ben Lloyd Evans (Keys and backing); Jonny Burgess (drums); James Forster (electric guitar); and Woody (Bass).

Track List:

1) Let the Time Run (03.27)
2) Cressida (3.33)
3) The Rest (05.09)
4) Lady Danger (03.34)
5) Shadow (02.15)

Release Info:

Artist: Feldspar
Title: The Flat and Paper Sky Vol 1
Label : Green Tape Records
Date: October 1st
Release: Download and cd card wallet
Launch: 16th September @ The Bedford, South London, support from Gary Stewart (

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