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Boy Kid Cloud releases “A Better Version of Me” EP‏

September 4, 2012


Inspected Records unleashed Boy Kid Cloud’s debut EP this week titled “A Better Version of Me”.

This genre breaking, new EP is a vehicle for Boy Kid Cloud 2.0. His previous pedigree as peaktime bass maestro has been given a seductive soul shakedown to provide a sound that’s much broader, deeper, inclusive and, at points, plain addictive. With sunshine sizzling on every groove, he’s arrived at the perfect time.

Opener From The Start really sets the agenda. Fizzing into motion with flickering filtered flourishes that nod heartily to the classic French touch sound, and beats that strut with hip-hop bravado, Boy Kid Cloud caresses the mic with a tale of relationship frustration. No time for lamentation, his soft reflections find comfort in the sturdiness of the solid melodic structure below; the vocals, beats, bass and synth working better than any relationship.

The charm continues with Keep Hold. Like its earlier EP sibling, the delicate balance of pop and electronica are kept in perfect check as he carefully touches lyrics down over a robust groove. Extolling the virtues of persisting with a girl who’s too good to let go, his positivity is countered by the more devious elements of the bass which croaks and slurs on the fills, playing a flirtatious game of Q&A with the dreamy synths.

The EP takes a pensive, brooding twist as Gone shows another side of Boy Kid Cloud’s fine-tuned repertoire. Sensitive, stirring strings and sparing, soft beats accompany mournful thoughts on love gone wrong. It’s here we begin to understand the complexities of this producer’s latest revelations.

Grand finale 89 is the joker of the pack. Sun set slow-mo rave pianos launch to an East Coast backdrop before we’re dropped suddenly into the dark, raw funk. Referencing his previous accomplishments, it’s a Flat Beat for the new generation with equal measures of gnash and panache.

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