SIRS Kick Off Tour with Spook Houses This Week; Debut LP Out Now on Topshelf Records‏

July 25, 2012

SIRS Kick Off Tour with Spook Houses This Week
Debut LP Out Now on Topshelf Records

“The quality that ultimately makes Sirs a great album is the band’s ability to capture that giddy happiness that embodies everything we love about upbeat punk music. The songs have an unbridled honesty to them that makes you want to jump up and dance, even if you have no idea how. Sirs are no longer just a promising young band, they’ve made a record worthy of putting alongside our beloved classics.”- Bad Scene Media

Purchase, NY indie rockers SIRS have announced new tour dates in support of their recently released debut full-length on Topshelf Records. The album, recorded by Mike Ditrio and mastered by Carl Saff, is the follow up to their 2011 split release with the UK’s run, WALK!

SIRS SUMMER TOUR with Spook Houses:

SIRS JULY 23rd – AUGUST 14th 2012

JULY 23 New Britain, CT
6:30PM @ The Horse’s Mouth w/ Spook Houses, Hiya Dunes, Lana Lana

JULY 24 Ridgewood, NJ
6:00PM @The Barrel w/ Spook Houses, Fugue, Suns, Toasted Plastic

JULY 25 New Brunswick, NJ
7:00PM @Bath Haus w/ Spook Houses, Scary, Treatment

JULY 26 Alexandria, VA
5:00PM @Piss Den w/ Spook Houses, Acidic Tree, We Are One Body, Smoother, Caust

JULY 27 Harrisonburg, VA
10:00PM @My Mansion w/ Spook Houses, Limbs

JULY 28 Raleigh, NC
10:00 PM @The Mattress Fort w/ Spook Houses, Towers, Celebrity Jeopardy

JULY 29 Charlotte, NC
7:00PM @Recess Fest @ Common Market (Southend) w/ Spook Houses, Daniel(s), Bo White

JULY 31 Talahassee, FL
8:00PM @St. Anger House w/ Ex-Breathers, Echo Base, Disco Prince

AUG 1 Atlanta, GA
8:00 @ The Cover w/ Spook Houses, Youngin, Places to Hide, Rabbis

AUG 2 Carbondale, IL
9:00 @Hangar 9 w/ Spook Houses, Secondary Modern, Icarus Himself

AUG 3 St. Louis, MO
8:00 @Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center w/ Spook Houses, WolfTalk

AUG 4 Chicago, IL
@GnarFest w/ Spook Houses, Joyce Manor, Algernon, Big Kids, Ape Up!, so many fucking awesome bands

AUG 5 Grand Rapids, MI
1PM @Turtle Den w/ Spook Houses, Veneers, The Caution Children

AUG 6 Ann Arbor, MI
TBA w/ Spook Houses

AUG 7 Columbus, OH
8:00 @ Murder Mansion Ranch w/ Spook Houses, Gelatinus Cube, Best Westerns

AUG 8 Pittsburgh, PA
7:00 @ Roboto w/ Spook Houses, Glocca Morra, Kite Party

AUG 9 Baltimore, MD
@ Haus of Casanova w/ Spook Houses

AUG 10 Philadelphia, PA
TBA w/ Spook Houses

AUG 11 Brooklyn, NY
9:00 @ Big Snow w/ Spook Houses, Little Big League, The Hot Flood

AUG 14 Hamden CT
@ The Space w/ Joyce Manor, Algernon Cadwallader, The World Is A Beautiful Place and I Am No Longer Afraid To Die

SIRS Is: Justin Jurgens, Kyle Seely, Hart Seely, Mike Caridi

SIRS on Facebook:

SIRS on Bandcamp:

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