Panic Records Giving Away Run With The Hunted’s LP As Free Download; European Tour Now Underway‏

July 14, 2012

Panic Records Giving Away Run With The Hunted’s LP
As Free Download
European Tour Now Underway

A Message From Panic Records:

We’re trying something new here at Panic. We’ve gotten tons of feedback from all of you over the years about how you find out about and listen to our releases. The majority of people we’ve heard from prefer to download an album for free to check it out and if they like it, they’ll support the band on the road or eventually pick something up from us online. From a label standpoint, this has always put us in a difficult situation; we put a ton of time, effort and money into each release and free downloading takes away from our ability to break even and continue to put out new releases. At the same time, we want everyone to have access to our releases and hear the amazing bands we work with.

Everyone knows the standard model for a record label to make money doesn’t work anymore: time and technology have changed things forever. But the one thing that hasn’t changed is how our punk/hardcore community operates outside of the mainstream. Our scene has managed to remain underground, DIY and largely self-supported because we don’t exist solely to make a profit; bands, labels, promoters, really everyone involved in our scene contributes in whatever capacity they can and does it for the passion and love they have for this special community. In that spirit, we are offering up Run with the Hunted’s self-titled LP for free, high quality download. If you haven’t heard this record yet, now you really have no excuse. It’s one of the most explosive, emotional, punishing hardcore releases in recent memory. Run With The Hunted are one of the hardest working bands on Panic and we really hope you’ll support them by downloading the record and helping spread it around on blogs, social media etc. They’re currently on tour in Europe with Unveil and any extra support we can help give them will go a long way.

We sincerely hope that after downloading the record, you’ll find a way to support the band or label in any way you can; by checking them out on tour, picking something up from our webstore, paying for a track from Bandcamp, even sharing this newsletter would be awesome. If not, that’s OK too. More than anything, we hope this record moves you and becomes a meaningful part of your life the way it has for us. Music is a powerful tool and an amazing gift; enjoy this one, on us!

Download for Free: Run With The Hunted “S/T” 320kbps MP3’s

Buy a Physical Copy:

Pick Up Some RWTH Merch From Panic:

Run With The Hunted On Tour Now

07.11.12 – Paris, FR @ Le Rigoletto w/ Unveil
07.12.12 – Toulouse, FR @ L Saint Des Seins w/ Unveil
07.13.12 – Marseille, FR @ The O’Bundles w/ Unveil
07.14.12 – Milano, IT @ SGA Arese w/ Unveil
07.15.12 – Graz, AUT @ SuB w/ Unveil
07.16.12 – Krakov, POL @ Fort Number 7 w/ Unveil
07.17.12 – TBA w/ Unveil
07.18.12 – Poznan, POL @ Rozbrat Squat w/ Unveil
07.19.12 – Praha, CZ @ Na Pul Cesty w/ Unveil
07.21.12 – Rokycany, CZ @ Fluff Fest w/ Unveil

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