Mermonte Unveils Stunning New Video of ‘Jamie’

July 28, 2012

Mermonte – Jamie from Loïg NGUYEN on Vimeo.

Session of the acoustic song Jamie by Mermonte
Images: Loig NGUYEN / Sound: Mathieu FISSON

Mermonte was formed in 2010 in Rennes, France. This group of 10 wonderful musicians all have a past in various bands, combining different elements such as jazz, math-rock, pop and post-rock. Band-leader Ghislain Fracapane (Fago.Sepia, Heliport) recorded the album ‘Mermonte’ in 2011.

Mermonte consists of:

Ghislain FRACAPANE: vocals, guitars, bass, glockenspiel
Pierre MARAIS: vocals, percusions
Eric HARDY: Drums
Matthieu NOBLET: Drums
Astride RADIGUE: vocals
Charlotte MERAND: violins
Régis ROLLANT: guitar
Julien LEMONNIER: guitar
Mathieu FISSON: bass
Jeanne LUGUE: cello


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