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In Pictures: Justice For Dragons, Ogives, Aulos and Pohl Live @The Louisiana

July 10, 2012

The Louisiana in Bristol was home to an accomplished array of musicians during a special 2 piece night on the 15th of June.   Ben Harris of Ogives curated the event and the results were gratifying. The entire event was a huge success and introduced ourselves to some talented and forceful duos. Alongside the line-up was our very own Aulos.

Justice For Dragons


Justice For Dragons is an instrumental, experimental two-piece band formed in 2010. The band have gigged extensively throughout the UK with the likes of Knifeworld, Nought, Shield Your Eyes, Heights, Hot Head Show, Drawings, Onion, POHL, Marianne Dissard and Muddy Miles. Their debut mini-album was released on 25.11.11 and is available to purchase for £5 by either contacting the band on this page or coming to a live show. The band will soon be entering the studio to record their second mini-album and are looking to gig as often as possible.

Justice for Dragons deserve to be heard. A powerful two piece who have created illustrious compositions that can captivate and leave the audience in awe. A band bursting with potential!


Ogives was originally started as recording project, exploring guitar ideas and sounds solo. The most recent album, Iota is a series of noiseart or postrock tracks that are loud, at times ambient, complex and personal. Sometimes similar to Rothko, Ganger, Autechre or Aphex Twin. With the addition of a drummer, Ogives is now re-interpreting the guitar ideas with drums and aim to take the visuals on the stage. Someone kindly made a visual to the track Legionnaire based on the album artwork which will be available soon and coming up are a new EP and a short film.

This was their first gig and an incredibly impressing one at that. The band have come far in a short space of time and have a lot to look forward to.




Aulos returned to the welcoming scene in Bristol. Both Oli and Josh have been on the road since 2010 and Aulos show no signs of slowing. Their captivating shows are a must see and the duo are about to head back into the studio. Their debut EP is down to just 3 copies and is available to purchase on our shop here-  http://circuitsweet.bigcartel.com/product/aulos-ep-ic-limited-edition-pack-1-10

Aulos’ long awaited debut EP features 5 tracks recorded with Jonn Marsh @ Shed Studios. Come on a 30 minute journey of shimmering guitars, ground-shaking bass and thunderous drums fused with circuit bent madness, synths, gameboys, lapsteels, cellos and electronics!




POHL rose from the ashes of short-lived drone outfit Warrior Pope. Initially bonding over a shared love of alcohol and hardcore pornography, Jamie and Will discovered they had an innate musical connection and decided to move forward as a two piece, eschewing the doom of their early work in favour of grungey alt-rock experimentalism.

All images by Oli Montez and Naomi Preece.
Email oli@circuitsweet.co.uk for copies/permission of use.

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