Emo Side Project / Little Kingdoms Unveil Split

July 14, 2012

The ever-so talented Little Kingdoms and Emo Side Project have just unveiled a new split. Available to download for free now and soon to be available in a physical format.

We’ve introduced you to both acts previously on the site.
Little Kingdoms is a two man experiment from Wayne, PA featuring Justin Berger and Jake Holden. And Emo Side Project is the incredibly solo project of musician Andrew Mcshan who resides in Lawrence, KS .

Emo Side Project / Little Kingdoms Split Tracklisting

1. Little Kingdoms- Dinosaurs
2. Emo Side Project – Do a Barrel Roll
3. Emo Side Project – Ghost Whisperer

Little Kingdoms– Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Justin Berger during the summer of 2012.

Jake Holden – Guitar/Vocals
Justin Berger – Guitar/Vocals
Mike Berger – Bass
Tim McMonigle – Drums

Emo Side Project– Spencer White played drums on the ESP songs.
ESP songs mixed and mastered by Chris French.
Artwork by Raphael Bastek.

Streaming in full here and available to download now-

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