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Dios Trio Unveil New Acoustic EP ‘Fair Enough’ Available As A Free Download

July 13, 2012

The incredibly talented and very delectable Dios Trio have just unveiled an acoustic 2 track EP ‘Fair Enough’. Consisting of orchestrations titled ‘Parks’ and ‘Rosa’- the 2 songs were recorded using acoustic, electric, and bass guitars.

Recorded at The Hartt School with Benjamin Bowers & Szabolcs Endre Denes.

Cover Photo by Brian Arnold (@ brianarnold48@gmail.com)
Cover Design by Brian Arnold & Tim Longo

It’s no surprise to any of our readers that we just adore this impressive 4 piece Instrumental Band from Westborough MA. Consisting of Tim Longo, Tony Kissell, Justin Brown and Sam Perry- they certainly are no strangers to the site, as their musical endeavors continue to advance and emphasize their aptitude.
Originally a trio hence the name, this band have not only grown in numbers but grown in creative strength. Dios Trio will always leave a lasting taste for more. Their addictive, compelling and simply charming. We Love Them.

You can download the new 2 track EP ‘Fair Enough’ for free via their bandcamp.

Available now and streaming below-

Love what you hear and want more?
We’ve got Dios Trio’s EP High On Bikes available to purchase as a physical format from our online store-

Melodic math rock, mixing frantic guitar work with a pop sensibility and a nice twist of midwestern emo. For fans of Ghosts and Vodka, Piglet, Tera Melos, Fang Island & anything Kinsella!

1. Yo, Duh!
2. Japan
3. High On Bikes
4. Pip
5. Squeak
6. Chef
7. Minzi
8. Spoons

Get Your Copy Here and Support This Accomplished Act- http://circuitsweet.bigcartel.com//product/dios-trio-high-on-bikes-cd-well-we-pon

Still can’t get enough? Check out the duo Olde Pine consisting of Justin and Tony of Dios Trio. Head on over to our shop and purchase Olde Pine’s Release ‘Reservoir’ on cassette. Limited to 60, created in Germany on Tief Marcellos Schuld Records. Includes bonus track “That’s Git”. Also includes download code for all 3 songs! Only a few tapes left. Low Stock- http://circuitsweet.bigcartel.com//product/olde-pine-resevoir-cass-1-of-60

Get More:

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