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Dads- Americal Radass (this is important) Album Review

July 25, 2012

Dads- American Radass (This Is Important)

Released August 7th on Flannel Gurl Records

If there is just one record you need to hear this year. Then Dads ‘American Radass (This Is Important)’ is the one.

There’s a reason we constantly rave about  Flannel Gurl Records- they are home to the most unique, talented and fresh batch of DIY bands- and one of them is our favourite duo Dads. Earlier this month we featured the new video from the 2 piece emo punk band hailing from New Brunswick, New Jersey. The new video for single ‘Bakefast at Piffany’s’ which is taken from the forthcoming album ‘American Radass (this is important)’- was a small hopeful glimpse into a promising release from the pair. For those unaware Dads are a talented two piece consisting of John Bradley – Drums/Vocals/Bass and Scotty Scharinger – Guitar/Vocals; the duo have been teasing us with a new release for some time. But with the anticipation leading up the official release of the bands first full length, we had the honor in hearing the new 10 track record prior to its release date. What we were left with, following hearing the effort, was a sense of sheer gratitude for such a worthwhile record. Dads have created an influential, addictive, daring and above all a crucial record. This tenacious release highlights a powerful direction for the two, it validates two musicians creating an album ahead of its time, and with it will bring them a bigger fanbase, more appeal and more support.

American Radass (this is important) is Dads’ first major full length release. No corners were cut short during the creation of the record, which was recorded at Format Audio (My Heart to Joy & The World Is…) by the amazing Ryan Stack.

1 If Your Song Title Has The Word “Beach” In It, I’m Not Listening to It
2 Get to the Beach!
3 Honestly, Chroma Q&A
4 Aww, C’mon Guyz
5 Shit Twins
6 Grunt Work (The ‘69 Sound)
7 Groin Twerk
8 Big Bag of Sandwiches
9 Bakefast at Piffany’s
10 Heavy to the Touch (think about tonight, forget about tomorrow)

From start to finish American Radass resonates in honesty. It’s an honest open record. Dads previous acclaimed EP release ‘Brush Your Teeth, again ; ) ‘ has proved a major stepping stone for the two- as this new release see’s a new light on the musicians. In keeping with their punk roots and bringing their unique ‘Dads’ renowned sound to the mix, this release has captured the maturity in the musician’s abilities, their workmanship together and their overall projection of their creativity.
During the flow of the record, tracks flirt between fast and aggressive to slower compositions, from noodling riffs barraged in the deep projecting sound and its fast scaled uproar to a slower darker, more penetrative orchestration. Opening track ‘If Your Song Title Has The Word “Beach” In It, I’m Not Listening to It’ begins with a somewhat Appleseed Cast- esque progression until the captivating hooks apprehend the entire composition. Immediately the vocals shine throughout with elongated notes and an illustrious vocal range, from the beginning we can appreciate the duos’ audaciousness. As their vocal attributes is not only impressive but also engaging. Although a short fiery track kick starting the journey; the pair manage to balance the perfect blend of shimmering guitars and palpitating deep drum break downs. A track which has the ability to lure you in and get a great taste for the structure before it quickly finishes and you find yourself needing more. Which is where the quick transition to the next track comes in useful. Another short track but proving it lacks nothing for its short time length ‘Get to the Beach!’progressively fires you into fast riffs and quick hitting aggressive beats. Twinkly notes here and there fused with buoyant bass lines constitutes an intense orchestration. Tracks such as ‘Aww, C’mon Guyz’ expresses the daring direction as previously mentioned, with it’s to the point lyrics. Pushing boundaries within it’s creation, this is what conveys the act in a more mature light. The pair aren’t afraid to get their voice heard.
As the album exposes the new melodic tracks, the fresh material prides itself on its explosive melodies, audacious energy and its doleful lyrics. Abrasive and skillful drums are present throughout which fits in so perfectly with this record. It’s an upbeat album held down to reality with its occasional darker material. Nonetheless the balance between the harmonious delivery and it’s more contemptuous vocals provide a perfect combination. As the album flows through motions and mood changes, half way through the release the direction changes again when ‘Shit Twins’ delves throughout a near 7minute tender crescendo. The ultimate slow building track which urges you to take in the vocals, telling a story throughout and sounding like a  band with double the members. A more meaningful and heated composition. This slower track is quickly followed by the blunt 1 minute track of ‘Grunt Work (The 69 Sound)’. Rapaciously switching the mood almost instantly as it bolts through a fast tempo-ed exploration of aspiring fills and shuffles, brutal crash- hitting, shredding it’s way to the abrupt end. ‘Bakefast at Piffany’s’ is the penultimate track which shows how intricate Dads can be. This vivacious recorded liberation ends with ‘Heavy to the Touch (think about tonight, forget about tomorrow)’, shimmering out sweet notes and dynamic engaging cadence provided by John is the perfect ending to the complex and very mature release.

Watch Bakefast At Piffany’s New Video Streaming Below-

Dads will be performing at I Got Brains! Fest in August and will be touring the entire US throughout the fall. Full list of dates-

Tour Dates
Sep 1 – Lowell, MA – ALS Fest –https://www.facebook.com/events/431437186877404/
Sep 2 – Easthampton, MA – Help
Sep 3 – Providence, RI – Help
Sep 4 – Willimantic, CT – Being Booked
Sep 5 – Lehigh Valley, PA – Help
Sep 6 – Philadelphia, PA – Being Booked
Sep 7 – Richmond, VA – Being Booked
Sep 8 – Chapel Hill, NC – Being Booked
Sep 9 – South Carolina – Help
Sep 10 – Atlanta, GA – Being Booked
Sep 11 – Gainesville, FL – Being Booked
Sep 12 – Orlando, FL – Being Booked
Sep 13 – Tallahassee, FL – Being Booked
Sep 14 – Baton Rouge, LA – Being Booked
Sep 15 – Lafayette, LA – Being Booked
Sep 16 – Houston, TX – Help
Sep 17 – Houston, TX – Day Off
Sep 18 – Austin, TX – Being Booked
Sep 19 – Ft. Worth, TX – Being Booked
Sep 20 – Oklahoma City, OK – Being Booked
Sep 21 – New Mexico – Help
Sep 22 – Arizona – Help
Sep 23 – San Diego, CA – Being Booked
Sep 24 – Long Beach, CA – Being Booked
Sep 25 – Pomona, CA –https://www.facebook.com/events/348400068568867/
Sep 26 – Los Angeles, CA – Day Off
Sep 27 – Oakland, CA – Being Booked
Sep 28 – Reno, NV – Help
Sep 29 – Boise, ID – Being Booked
Sep 30 – Portland, OR – Being Booked
Oct 1 – Portland, OR – Day Off
Oct 2 – Olympia, WA – Help
Oct 3 – Spokane, WA – Being Booked
Oct 4 – Missoula, MT – Being Booked
Oct 5 – Wyoming/Utah – Help
Oct 6 – Denver, CO – Help
Oct 7 – Kansas City, KS – Being Booked
Oct 8 – Omaha, NE – Help
Oct 9 – Minneapolis, MN – Being Booked
Oct 10 – Milwaukee, WI – Being Booked
Oct 11 – Chicago, IL – Being Booked
Oct 12 – Chicago, IL – Day Off
Oct 13 – Valparasio, IN – Being Booked
Oct 14 – Kalamazoo, MI – Being Booked
Oct 15 – Ann Arbor, MI – Help
Oct 16 – Ashtabula, OH – Being Booked
Oct 17 – Athens, OH – www.facebook.com/events/300995463331184/
Oct 18 – Bloomington, IN – Help
Oct 19 – St. Louis, MO – Help
Oct 20 – Louisville, KY – Being Booked
Oct 21 – Nashville, TN – Being Booked
Oct 22 – Athens, GA – Help
Oct 23 – Birmingham, AL – Being Booked
Oct 24 – Pensacola, FL – Help
Oct 25 – Tallahassee/Gainesville – Being Booked
Oct 26 – 8 )
Oct 27 – 8 )
Oct 28 – 8 )
Oct 29 – Savannah, GA/Jacksonville, FL – Help
Oct 30 – Greenville, SC – Being Booked
Oct 31 – Greenville, NC – Being Booked
Nov 1 – Virginia – Help
Nov 2 – Barnesville, OH – Being Booked
Nov 3 – Pittsburgh, PA – Being Booked
Nov 4 – Buffalo, NY – Help
Nov 5 – Toronto, ON, Canada – Being Booked
Nov 6 – Ottawa, ON, Canada – Being Booked
Nov 7 – Montreal, QC, Canada – Being Booked
Nov 8 – Burlington, VT – Being Booked
Nov 9 – Boston, MA – Help
Nov 10 – Connecticut – Help

The upcoming release is now available to pre-order. Head to Flannel Gurl Records shop here- http://flannelgurl.bigcartel.com/

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