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Circuit Sweet Exclusive- In Pictures + Film: GZA Live @ The Jailhouse, Hereford

July 24, 2012

We’ve been frantically pushing a series of local events both on our website and our facebook page. With one unmissable night in particular. Just a few short weeks ago when it was announced, this line-up gracing Hereford just didn’t seem possible. However with a hardworking team surrounding the event- The Jailhouse was home to legendary icon The GZA of The Wu Tang Clan Fame. Wednesday 18th July- another miserable day being held down by the unpredictable weather seemed unimportant as the excitement prior to the evening possessed all attendees.
A spectacular event. Of which pulled together the city who eagerly awaited the evening. Leading up to the night the positive praise proved this was going to be one hell of a night for Hereford. As crowds gathered to the venue, in one of the busiest evenings, buzzing with anticipation. The venue was bustling- awaiting for one of the greatest Hip Hop stars to take to the stage in one of the most rare and intimate performances.

Alongside GZA a special guest, who was only announced earlier in the day, DJ PREMIER from Gang STARR accompanied the act. Being the first to take to the stage and battling his way through the energetic audience- DJ Premier quickly warmed up the room before introducing the icon to the stage. GZA’s set spanned through his courageous back catalogue. Delivering both tracks from his own solo repertoire and that of the Wu. The crowd participation was second to none as everybody chanted, jumped and held their fists high, all in awe of this figure. The entire night was a phenomenal achievement for the venue and the town especially when GZA declared he would return. “The Jailhouse, what can I say?” said GZA ending his set . “Believe the hype! I would love to come back again.”!- A full photography feature and live film of the evening can now be found below. Lets relive the momentous occasion.

Below see the exclusive live footage of the evening’s performance. Without a doubt an event that will prove memorable for a long time- and a worthwhile event and visit on our music scene’s behalf.

Circuit Sweet exclusive – Live footage of The GZA Performing Live @ The Jailhouse Hereford

GZA @ The Jailhouse Hereford from Circuit Sweet Media on Vimeo.

All images by Oli Montez 
Email oli@circuitsweet.co.uk for copies/permission of use.

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