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June 30, 2012


Good friend of the site Ash West-Mullen has unveiled a new EP from his solo outfit Mender. As the drummer in Alright The Captain, Ashley West-Mullen is a third of one of the most brutal and innovative math rock bands in the UK. As Mender, Ash exposes his softer, more melodic side.

Born in the middle-lands, Ash West-Mullen aka Mender has been writing, recording and producing music since he was 11years old when he got hold of an old Tascam 4 track.

Since then he has gone on to perform and write in several rock bands including his current and primary project Alright The Captain.

Filling in on the drums for ATC has been a huge learning curve and has influenced the Mender sound. Along with a focus on acoustic guitar riffs and electronic music, Mender is a result of many genres permeating the mind of an individual who is literally obsessed with making music.

You can visit our previous introducing feature with Mender here and listen to his second full length album streaming in full.

Mender has unveiled a new alternative 4 track EP titled ‘Fractional‘ set for official release Monday 2nd July.
You can listen to this tentative release streaming below and available as a name your price offer, support this talent!

Fractional Tracklisting:

1. Chi Killer
2. Calm Watery Grave
3. Sorry, I Burnt The Eggs 04:16
4. Fractional

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