Drainolith (ex-AIDS Wolf) emerges with new music video & free album stream‏

June 20, 2012

While the recent demise of AIDS Wolf came as frustrating shock to many, it has also opened up entirely new channels of creativity for its former members. Alex Moskos’ new project Drainolith (sometimes solo, sometimes as a three piece like at the recent Wyrd Fest) takes lessons in freedom learned from AIDS Wolf and slows things down to a blues crawl. The results transform what could be a harsh sound into something romantic. Strange yes, but with a distinct romanticism not unlike Velvet Underground or Royal Trux.

You can check out this new direction for Alex in Drainolith’s new music video for “You Paid For It”. Wet psychedelia full of smiling faces and edited into full digital swamp mode. The song is from Drainolith’s new album on Spectrum Spools, ‘Fighting!’. The album is being streamed in full for free as well.

Drainolith’s debut LP, ‘Fighting!’, was forged the old fashioned way. Songs crafted, tested, and retooled to perfection while on the road for months. Then, recorded completely live without overdubs. The album has already been getting comparisons to an early Royal Trux style of damaged blues. The similarity goes deeper than aesthetic though. Drainolith is an expression of a life dedicated to sound. There is a certain intimacy here not found in Alex’s previous work with AIDS Wolf. Filled with fractured synth, stuttering rhythms and cryptic personal content, Drainolith’s sound is delicate, exacting and full of command. The narrative my be mysterious, but you are at full attention.

Drainolith is Alexander Moskos. He has toured North America with both Regression (member of Wolf Eyes) and Bee Mask. His discography includes cassettes on Sun Ark, NNA, and American Tapes. ‘Fighting’ is his first full length 12″ release.

Fighting LP

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