Chinquapin & Community Records Free Summer Sampler

June 19, 2012

Our friends found in both Chinquapin and Community Records are once again providing the public with fantastic free music.

As part of Chinquapin’s newest collaboration with their good friends over at Community Records- together the present their summer sampler. The sampler features 27 classic and unreleased tracks from both DIY labels’ rosters.


01 Stuck – Caddywhompus
Noise-pop. Two headed beast. Best friends in front of a Berlin wall of amplifiers.

02 Blood of Snakes – Stuck Lucky
five piece thrash weird punk with ska

03 Walk Between the Raindrops – Safety
melodic pristine pop-punk from florida

04 Don’t Trust Anyone – The Lollies
well crafted pop-punk from new orleans

05 Lethal Protector – Mad Conductor
experimental hip-hop with reggae undertones.

06 Alchemy – Sun Hotel
Fuzzy post-gospel hazes. Drifting, ambient guitar and four-part harmonies with thundering rhythms and biting lyrics.

07 Other One – Habitat
happy-go-lucky go devo punk rock

08 Wine Drunk Potluck – Native America
Folk-pop dreamgaze. Reverberated walls of Motown from their living room to yours.

09 I Can’t, I Won’t, Give Up – The Rooks
positive minded 3 piece pop punk from new orleans, la

10 Sex – Glish
Shoegazed astral-pop. Is there love in space?

11 Aetherea – Cliff Hines
progressive jazz influenced jazz from new orleans, la

12 Atlanta’s Own – The Taxpayers
punk celebrating goof punx, diy music, & social awareness

13 Give it All – Murphy’s Kids
progressive reggae & rock from richmond, va

14 Spencer Green – Donovan Wolfington
Wilder than Algernon Cadawalleder

15 Bandages – Archanimals
grungy alt-folk

16 Indifference – High In One Eye
Two-piece mind melting musical soulmates making death-pop for your parents to complain about.

17 Yogurt – Choi Wolf
experimental abrasive bursts of noise from new orleans, la

18 Bad Sign – Brunt of It
hardcore punk ska in the old school style from boston, ma

19 We Know Better – Matt Wixson’s Flying Circus
folk-punk with ska & socially conscious ideas from michigan (single)

20 Something To Complain About – Squirt Gun Warriors
punk ska synth with d.i.y. ethic from baton rouge, la (single)

21 Cry – Country Club
Forever blooming folk-masons with roots deep. Raggedly soulful with enough hooks to go around.

22 Predator – The Lollies
unreleased acoustic cut of their song predator (unreleased)

23 The Ghost of Woodrow Parker – See You In Mexico
folk music with punk tendencies from seattle, wa

24 Coming Up Roses – Chris Rehm
Cave-wave. Droned bedroom thoughts. Songs and sounds.

25 Sometimes (live) – All People
4 piece experimental punk and reggae from new orleans, la (unreleased)

26 Maddie Ruthless w/ Forthrights & Friends – Sympathy
traditional reggae sounds from NYC to New Orleans

27 Kiz & Legin – Never Leave
Two piece attic punk fuzz lo-fi hardcore pop band from toronto, canada

To listen to the sampler and its variety of talent as well as downloading your own copy for free simply visit the link-


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