You Blew It! Announce Summer Tour Dates; ‘Grow Up, Dude’ Out Now on Topshelf Records‏

May 24, 2012

You Blew It! Announce Summer Tour Dates

Grow Up, Dude Out Now on Topshelf Records

Orlando’s You Blew It! have announced a summer run of dates that kick off June 23 in Atlanta, GA and runs through July 28 in Gainesville, FL. For a band that half-jokingly calls their sound, “two big middle fingers to punk rock”, You Blew It! has been racking up some serious acclaim for their recently released Topshelf Records LP, Grow Up, Dude. Alternative Press goes so far as to call them, “the band to see this summer when they play that smelly community hall on the other side of town.” calls the album, “…a tried-and-true collection of heart-on-their-sleeves, energetic basement show hits that (will) resonate with any young punk with a distressed heart and hungry ears too. You Blew It! might be your new favorite emo band. Don’t wait 20 years to figure out how good spinning a record like Grow Up Dude can feel.”

See dates below.

Tour Dates

6/23 @ Atlanta GA @ Uner the Couch
6/24 @ Greenville SC @ Earshot Records
6/25/2012 Greensville, NC, @ Pool house
6/26/12 – Christensburg, VA @ Lucie Monroe Specialty Coffee
6/27/2012 Richmond, VA @ House Address
6/28/2012 Philadelphia, PA @ TWOB HOUSE
6/29/2012 Brooklyn, NY @ Suburbia
6/30/2012 Robbinsville NJ @ 7 donna st r
7/1/2012 New Haven CT @ Taco Hut w/ Two Humans
7/2/2012 Providence RI @ Dusk
7/3/2012 Lowell, MA @ The Ant Cellar
7/5/2012 Burlington VT @ The Monkey House
7/6/2012 Montreal, QC, @ Casa Del Popolo
7/7/2012 Kitchener, ON @ White Lodge
7/8/2012 Toronto @ Parts & Labor
7/9/2012 Rochester NY @ A Park (TBA) w/ Slingshot Dakota
7/10/2012 Pittsburgh PA @ Mr. Roboto Project w/ Souvenirs
7/11/2012 Ashtabula OH @ West End Art Space w/ Souvenirs
7/12/2012 Louisville @ Chestnut House w/ Souvenirs
7/13/2012 Bloomington IN @ Indy Hostle w/ Souvenirs
7/14/2012 Grand Rapids MI @ DACC w/ Souvenirs
7/15/2012 Chicago IL @ 4206 N. Westen w/ Souvenirs, Spoon Boy
7/16/2012 Milwaukee, WI @ Scheme City w/ & This is Hell lo
7/17/2012 Minneapolis MI @ The Beat
7/18/2012 Cedar Falls, IA @ The Space
7/19/2012 Springfield IL @ Blacksheep Cafe
7/20/2012 St Louis MI @ The Foxhole
7/21/2012 Kansas City MO @ The Headquarters
7/22/2012 Oklahoma City @ Bad Granny’s Bazar
7/23/2012 Denton TX @ TBA
7/24/2012 Austin TX @ Trailer Space
7/25/2012 Lafayette, LA @ Jason’s House
7/26/2012 New Orleans @ TBA
7/27/2012 Tallahassee, FL @ TBA
7/28/2012 Gainesville, FL @ Turkey Town

What others have said about You Blew It!:

“What makes You Blew It! so endearing is just how real they are. There’s nothing fake or insincere with them or this record, as it contains that DIY charm. The raw imperfection – the rough guitar chords, the casual off note – gives the record’s twelve tracks a devil-may-care attitude that is at once relatable. It’s equal parts calm and chaotic, as Grow Up, Dude is certain bring back memories as well as create them (9 out of 10).”-

“You Blew It! take the late-’90s emo formula (think Cap’n Jazz or early Promise Ring) and give it an organic, tossed-off feel that only benefits the music. If this was polished with big production, it wouldn’t be nearly as endearing. Instead, the reckless abandon of tracks such as “Medal Of Honor” and “Terry V. Tori” bring to mind hot, sweaty, echoing community halls with all the lights on, 50 kids with fists in the air and lots of bodies piling atop each other at the end of each song.”- Alternative Press

“[A] brand of punk rock that’s more complex and cathartic than the Get Up Kids.”- Orlando Music News

“…it initially struck me as solid indie rock with a bit of a punk finish…Sure, that’s all there, but there’s something else, too. This record gets under your skin, all clever and compelling.”-The Ruckus

“If you are a fan of rough around the edges yet still “pretty” twinkly emo then You Blew It! might be your new favorite band.”-Sound As Language

“2012 will be the year of You Blew It!”-National Underground

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