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Introducing Replaced By Robots

May 15, 2012


Originally conceived as a studio project by Chapman, Bassett & Holmes, the Robots quickly set about writing and recording an albums worth of original material. At the start of 2012, plans for live shows started, for these events they will be joined by some of the local music scenes best players to present their material in a live setting.

Now we want you to dance.

Replaced By Robots are a collective of friends and talented musicians consisting of-

Craig Chapman – Keyboards/Programming
Wayne Bassett – Guitars
Dorian Holmes – Vocals
Mitchell Tennant – Bass Guitar
Rhys Jones – Guitars
Andrew Llewellyn – Keyboards
Richard Boggis – Percussion

Based in Aberdare these individuals are pulling their community together, their talents reaching afar.

To celebrate their first gig the band have decided to give away their 10minute disco rock epic ‘Transmissions From A Digital Heart’ which has already gained acclamation and support from a wider audience. Make sure you download your copy which you can find streaming below-

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