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Introducing Living With Hermits

May 15, 2012

Justin Bowsher wrote songs throughout high school, waiting to meet or start a band. After reading the liner notes to Greetings from Michigan, he decided to start a folk-pop project by layering instrumental parts on a cheap multitrack program, recording and playing everything himself. Living With Hermits was born with the online release of a full-length called Rook. His stage name was chosen on a whim for its oxymoronic sound: it stuck.
While in college, Justin performed, wrote, and recorded demos throughout, devouring unheard music and developing his taste as seriously as his craft.
By January 2008, after slaving over numerous unfinished dorm-recorded demos, he recorded most of what would become the Beholden EP. It was released almost a year later, culled from 12 songs that, as a whole, evidenced the transition Hermits was going through as much as its lack of a stylistic center at the time. Discouraged, Justin put Hermits on the back burner in favor of his Prossperot material, which took some intriguing directions once Justin switched to Ableton Live.
After a period of exploring freelance recording and beat-making, Justin has returned to the concept of Hermits with new insight, drive, and what may be an actual aesthetic vision large enough to encompass its range.
With the release of “Heart for my Throat”, Hermits introduces an attempt at Folk-Funk that combines key elements of the Funk, IDM, and Guitar Pop that has taken over Justin’s personal listening. Justin only hopes to somehow transcend his influences, at least on the surface.

Ranging from chill acoustic to driving 60s-Pop to Math-Funk to IDM-inspired beats and texture, Living With Hermits explores ambivalence, disorientation, disillusionment, and dystrophy. Focusing equally on composition and lyricism, Hermits is a constant experiment in musical expression, always seeking those pleasant surprises that hide between the music constantly flowing in Justin’s subconscious and the unpredictable specifics of his recording method.
Living With Hermits has gradually become a metaphor for the individual’s isolation from his society, replete with its inherent advantages and struggles.

Based in South Lexington we’ve featured a few of Justin’s efforts below.

Heart For My Throat Single Stream-

Where I Live Single and B side Stream-

What I’m Coming Down With Single and B side Stream-

For more tracks from this artist please visit his bandcamp page where his entire catalogue is streaming.
Get More:!/JustinBowsher

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