CHINQUAPIN RECORDS CHINDIG 06: Country Club Crawfish Cookout + New Single

May 5, 2012

Chinquapin Records Presents

In an effort to repress all things college and to express our unconditional love for uptown’s only hope, local dreamboats Country Club…

We’re making this show an all-night love affair

that means CRAY-FISH BOIL from 8 til ten, and a FREE KEGuntil it runs out (so arrive early and claim your American born right to free alcohol!)

The show will feature new and interesting musical endeavors from Caddywhompus and Sun Hotel

proceeded by the extraordinarily beautiful and talented Country Club
(in what is sure to be their most daring performance to date, but very possibly their last for an inhumane amount of time)

we’ll have WTUL all-stars KG Accidental spinning before the show and between sets.
Also, be sure to check out the brand new single from Country Club’s new album called “Stranger”, available on this very website.

Download The Country Club’s Stranger here

Chindig 06 Event Page here

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