Carridale Sign with Panic Records‏

May 26, 2012

Carridale Sign with Panic Records‏

Panic Records is honored to announce that Carridale has agreed to become a part of the Panic Records family. Carridale is a band that is so rooted in their DIY ethic, that they fit in perfectly with the attitude that all of the Panic bands share.

Since their inception in 2005, Carridale has worked relentlessly with multiple releases and countless tours under their belt. Nothing has ever been handed to Carridale and what they’ve accomplished, they’ve more than earned.

The band started as an acoustic project in the apartment of vocalist, Nathan Edwards. After 3 years of songwriting and casual acoustic shows, Nathan resolved to turn the acoustic project into a serious band. Adopting one of Nathan’s songs as the bands name (which was derived from the street name where the apartment complex that birthed the acoustic project was located on.) The Carridale Street Apartment was a fun, drama-free place where the majority of the North Alabama scene would come and leave their problems at the door and just have a good time.

Fresh off a very successful tour of the UK, Carridale has returned to the United States and will be releasing their newest effort The Wandering on Panic Records via limited vinyl 7″ on July 10th, 2012.

The Wandering consists of 3 songs that paint a very promising picture of what the future holds for Carridale. Stream the EP now and then buy it now through the Carridale Bandcamp page.

Carridale is: Nathan Edwards (vocals), Kyle Thorstad (rhythm guitar), Kobi Childers (drums), Wayne Wilson (bass), Josh Rozanski (lead guitar).

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