Worry Party- 3HREE Single Stream

April 29, 2012

Back in November we Introduced you to Worry Party.

A strong Newcastle based trio whose creativity is finding itself impacting their genre and scene. The post hardcore/emo band consists of Steven Chell, Kris Brunsden and Paul Hawdon. The three have even been on on our good friends Edils Recordings compilation titled ‘If You Like Me It Makes You More Attractive’.

Having been quiet since the band was last featured on our site, Steven recently checked in with us to tell us what he’s been up to. Steven’s been busy focusing his talent on more recording. He’s created three new tracks made entirely on Reason to practice techniques and learn more about the software. Another outlet for his efforts.

Listen to one of those tracks below. ‘3HREE‘ is streaming below and available as a free download.


Mixed and mastered by Ben Wishlade – bwishlade@hotmail.co.uk

We will be hearing more from the band shortly but for now keep closer to the three at their following sites:



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