The Hundred Acre Woods- Henry David Thoreau Single Stream

April 26, 2012

The Hundred Acre Woods hailing from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania have just unveiled a great new single titled Henry David Thoreau. Streaming below and available as a free download of name your price and support this talent!

We first recorded this song in high school and it has been shaped and molded into what it is today. We hope you like what it has become! Spread it around and enjoy. An extra special thanks to Raph Bastek of Old Gray for doing the artwork and being an all around nice guy. Much love y’all

Acoustic Guitar/Vocals: Winthrop Stevens
Electric Guitar/Drums/Vocals: Zack Reinhardt
Banjo: Will Davis
Bass: Pat Loundas
Superstar: Jill Mallon
Pig Squeals: P.j. Carroll- Circuit Sweet Fave!

Cover art by Raph Bastek
Produced by Pat Loundas

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