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Introducing Sameblod [Single Feature]

April 6, 2012

Introducing Sameblod.
Sameblod are a duo orginally from san francisco & boden but currently residing in Stockholm.
April 20th the band are set to release their debut album on Riot Factory. An album descrbed as ‘brimming with elegant songs and delicious swedish indielectronika of the best sort;. The album “Braided Memos” described by member Frederick Round Quist (raised in the world metropolis of San Francisco) and Michael Mattison (raised in the small town of Boden in northern Sweden) as a mixture of “80’s, singing tom toms, epic synthesizers and small details with a lot of reverb “. Music inspired by the meeting between wild nature and urban culture.
 Same Blod have a large following overseas and their album is set for release first to their Norweigan music lover and then available to the rest of the world. 
The duo have just released their new single via Riot Factory Records titled ‘UR Road’ which is streaming below-

Out now and available on Spotify, iTunes and such networks.

Sameblod – UR Road


UR Road (Single) released 4/4 2012 via Riot Factory with ‘Cut the Rope’.

Pic: Anna Johanesson.
Edit: Frederick Rundqvist.

Get More:!/Sameblod


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