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Introducing Robopera

April 17, 2012
 Introducing Robopera. 
A well known name in Manchester and beyond; David Pattison curated Robopera. A director, a writer, a visionista. The creative mind behind the vast perception of the fantasy has previewed some tracks from the arrangement.
An idea made up during an experimental time for David, when alone with a microwave- the formation of the story began. His vision forming a mechanical item to love a human. Capturing the essence of an empty robot and true human emotions such as love is something not many have been able to convey through musical composition’s. 
The first in the four tracks which have been shared to the world is ‘I’m Always Watching’. Throughout the 3 minute long track- lyrically it challenges the concept of the story. Echoing not just in the vocals but the ambiance fabricated. A more upbeat formation if not intended to be, ‘I’m Aways Watching’ carries an essence of hope which is portrayed through the glistening strings. This flows into ‘Reject Me’ which constitutes a darker orchestration. With minimal beats to progress the track, its story validates on the flow from the dreary vocals. In its entirety, this track is a short and cold effort which bridges the tracks together.
 ‘Turning Off The Lights’ is the highlight of all tracks, it redeems the flow. Fusing a variety of soundscapes in which create a compelling and broody backdrop. The experimental and dark ode carries the deep lyrical content- story- into a much more fitting orchestration reflecting on the somewhat cynical  anecdote. Finally this leads onto the fourth track ‘What’s Done is Done.’ A moving track on Robopera’s behalf. The longest composition from the previous tracks this strong creation resonates in the striking acoustics and soft vocals. A touching finale to the set of orchestrations- each individual, each offering variety and more importantly displaying the story of Robopera from start to finish.

You can watch an interview with David in his first ever appearance below-

Robopera is more than a story. With a powerful soundtrack surrounding the vision, Robopera is soon to be known by all.

Finally in the words of the Creator- ‘Look At The Microwave’.

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