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Edils Recordings Presents: Coo Woo- Love Exposure [Album Feature]

April 3, 2012
Our favourite Liverpudlian duo and label are back on our site. No strangers for their efforts Edils Records have returned helping and promoting more talent than possible. A DIY label who  are directing their passion and love for music and bands’ to supporting them by providing a home to releases with the purpose of it being FOR the band. Getting them heard.
The Liverpool based self determined duo behind EDiLS Recordings have the sole intention to release awesome music in awesome packaging!
Created by James Dyke and one half of Go Heeled Philip Rourke; although only established in January of this year the pair and their label have proved within their movement why they are a stand out name. With a collection of releases and achievements within their goal of providing awesome music – the two have been working together for over 10 years uniting their music scene and bringing this to their new direction . Two individuals that have created a community between themselves, their acts, their releases and their listeners. James and Philip have proved its working hard that has got them to doing what they love and doing it right. Their passion and concentration in their efforts is inspirational.
Edils Recordings have just put out another great record from the likes of Coo Woo.
Coo Woo, pronounce cool world, have released that perfect record to accompany a good mood. Love exposure in its entirety provides fun and harmonious compositions. More importantly each orchestration offers an addictive impression. Tracks you’ll need to hear more of; a long lasting perfect and illustrious pop rock creation. Maintaining their punk angst within their lyrics yet mixing lo- fi efforts with racy beats. The indie pop band hailing from Milwaukee, Wisconsin- have focused on their instrumentation and their complimenting vocals to create a strong effort and one which won’t go unnoticed.  
Love Exposure Tracklisting
1. Amanda Knox
2. The Fave
3. Into The Sea
4. Only Fooling
5. Stay Forever
6. Suck A Lemon
7. Too Hot In The City
8. Sunday Sun
9. Waste Of Time

Listen to the record streaming in full below via Edils bandcamp-

Words, Music & Production By Coo Woo
Art & Design By Edd Pearman
Get More:
Also on Twitter!!/edils_records

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