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Zebedy Rays- A Final Farewell [Feature]

March 13, 2012

Any Circuit Sweet followers would have gathered by now just how much we adore local band Zebedy Rays. Since first meeting the three in Hereford over 3 years ago playing  with a band formally managed by half of Circuit Sweet- found in Jive Stick- we were instantly blown away. From the frontman running around the venue aggressively shouting his way through the crowd outside beating a snare drum finding his way to the stage joined with buoyant bass lines and filling drum beats. 
 Since then we have had the priviledge in watching this band phenomenally grow, gain a solid fan base nationwide and achieve such great accomplishments. 
Our time with Circuit Sweet has religiously promoted the trios efforts. We have kept you closer to  Zebedy Rays. Featured their tours, festival appearances, BBC sessions, releases and competitions. Their single release found in ‘ John Esli Davies’ was our very own Single of the Year throughout our Rad Releases in 2010. We’ve travelled afar to surprise the three and show our support with them on the road.

March 9th of this year the band who had been a little quiet since their final gig of 2011 at The Marrs Bar and since their front man set off travelling to Australia- an announcement was made which effected us all. 

A brief announcement:
Over the last six months, as you may be aware, Zebedy Rays have been taking a break, due to Adam spending some time in Australia. It has since been decided by Adam that he will stay in Australia for the foreseeable future, and therefore sadly spells the end of Zebedy Rays.

We would like to take this time to thank EVERYBODY who ever made this band possible for the last five years. If you have ever come to a show, bought a CD or T shirt, or just checked us out on YouTube, then from the bottom of our hearts, we thank you. You are the reason we had so many amazing, addictive experiences (…).

The three of us have had the most fun we could have asked for, and we hope that you did too!

Lots of love
Adam, Danny and Josh
Zebedy Rays x

Since first meeting the three we have witnessed all their Hereford shows, many Worcester shows, Cardiff shows and several of their Festival appearances. I’ve even suffered from a broken bone from the band, they released what is one of my personal favourite songs but more importantly I made three great friends. It’s incredibly sad to see a great talent call it a day but due to circumstances its understandable. The best thing to know is that these individuals that make up Zebedy Rays have far too much talent to waste. SO this isn’t the last we hear from them but we take a look back at several featured images- a look back at the best local band…

Both Naomi and Oli of Circuit Sweet wish the best to Danny Josh and Adam and would like to thank the three personally for three years of excellent live performances, memories and favourite releases.
All images by Naomi Preece and Oli Montez

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