Sleepy Turtles Sign To Autumn + Colour Records; Debut EP "Summer, Hither" Will Be Released Early Summer 2012; Previously Unreleased EP Available As a Free Download [News]

March 13, 2012

Sleepy Turtles Sign To Autumn + Colour Records
Debut EP “Summer, Hither” Will Be Released Early Summer 2012
Previously Unreleased EP “Brother You’re So Kind” Available As A Free Download at:

Autumn + Colour Records would like to officially welcome Atlanta’s Sleepy Turtles to their roster of recording artists. The band first came together to create a soundtrack for a novel ( written by vocalist/guitarist Dylan Higgins, who then decided to keep making music using a moniker which came from a chapter title in said novel.

Consisting of Higgins, Tim Friesen, Will Parker, Marcus Trail and Mike Vanklaveren, Sleepy Turtles create songs, simplistic in frame, but broad in context, threaded in the old tradition of folk. Their music creaks with the thaw of an old church pew, drawing joy in wandering harmonies and stories that are sewn by hands covered in earth, filling the bones of the songs as ambience backlights the fluttering travels of shared existence. “We hope to portray through the music,” Higgins explains, “that all of us are a part of the same journey.”

The band will enter the studio to begin tracking and mixing their debut record with producer/engineer Jeff Malpass at Marigolds+Monsters Studio. Their new five song EP “Summer, Hither” is set to release in early Summer 2012.

Fans of Sleepy Turtles can download a FREE copy of their previously unreleased EP “Brother, You’re So Kind” for a limited time on Noisetrade. Follow, share and support them as they begin their journey.

For more information:

Twitter: @sleepyturtles

Another Autumn + Colour act, Austin Archer’s ( album Venture to Breathe is also out now and available on iTunes:

About Autumn + Colour Records:

All seasons must come to an end. An enveloping sky transforms the climate and the outlook shifts as everyone gazes to the equivocal horizon. The rules of the music industry have followed suit with that of nature. For some the view is that of the uncertain stumbling that comes with the darkness and the cold, for others it is a bright and illustrious future where artists are able to take control of their art: this is the ethos that developed into the founding of Autumn + Colour Records. Formed in late 2011 by Todd Richard Stevens, a former producer and studio engineer, and Travis Groo, a former artist manager and booking agent, Autumn + Colour was well constructed to give the ownership back to the artist. Rather than borrow at a high interest-rate until the bottom line crashes into a debt, the artist and the label become an equal partnership. This partnership extends well beyond the bounds of a normal label as an altruistic ideal overshadows personal monetary gain. Autumn + Colour donates ten percent from all streams of income to various nonprofits and charitable organizations. It is a community, it is a company, it is a beautiful change.

Twitter: @autumnandcolour

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