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Introducing Mermonte [Feature]

March 20, 2012
Mermonte was formed in 2010 in Rennes, France. This group of 10 wonderful musicians all have a past in various bands, combining different elements such as jazz, math-rock, pop and post-rock. Band-leader Ghislain Fracapane recorded the debut-album ‘Mermonte’ in 2010 with his group, and the sound is orchestral yet very intimate. Some may refer to the music as an instrumental version of Sufjan Stevens work, or a poppy version of Tortoise.
The band’s new full length is due for release in April but to get you in the mood they are streaming three tracks from the forthcoming release which you can find below.
1. Monte (prereleased version)
2. David le merle (prereleased version)
3. Oups (prereleased version)
All tracks composed by Mermonte (Ghislain Fracapane)
Mermonte consists of the following musicians-
Ghislain FRACAPANE: vocals, guitars, bass, glockenspiel. Pierre MARAIS: vocals, percusions. Eric HARDY: Drums. Matthieu NOBLET: Drums. Astrid RADIGUE: vocals and Charlotte MERAND: violins .
Live they are joined with –  Régis ROLLANT: guitar. Julien LEMONNIER: guitar. Mathieu FISSON: bass and Jeanne LUGUE: cello.
Music by Ghislain FRACAPANE
Recorded by Pierre MARAIS & Mathieu FISSON
Mixed by Pierre MARAIS & Mathieu FISSON, 2011.
All rights reserved : G. Fracapane
(c) Mermonte
(p) Friend of Mine & Les Disques Normal
Photograph : Laura Gorre /
Design : Pierre Judon / ludd———
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