Astronomical- Little Woman Album Stream [Feature]

March 3, 2012
We’ve previously introduced you to Astronomical. The sounds of Robert Landry;  the one many musical machine.
So I play in lots of bands, but I decided to start a solo project that is far from anything I play. Astronomical is a musical journey that encourages the listeners to open their minds and take in the sound. It’s calming nature provides a sense of musical therapy that creates a relaxing yet passionate environment.
At the end of February this year, Astronomical released his fourth release found in ‘Little Women’. A new direction and a fresh project for Robert.
This album is a little different than other albums that I have released. A friend of mine told me that majority of songs are about girls in some way. I really liked this idea and thought back to old albums of mine where the titles and lyrics were about girls. However they were full of innuendos and inside jokes that made them vague and incomprehensible to anyone but myself and maybe the girl the song was about. With this reflection I decided to make an honest album about relationships, or my relationships. Through lots of self evaluation I came up with a list of people who I have shared an extended amount of time with who have had a great impact on me. Each song is titled a sentence about what I’ve taken/ learned/ remembered/ most about our time. This is in no way supposed to be hurtful or offensive to anyone. It is merely honest. No one on the list is meant to be viewed as a notch on a bed post. I deeply appreciate each person and the affect you have had on me. I would not be who I am if it wasn’t for you. Thank You. 
1. She Was The First
2. She Didn’t Eat At Dinner
3. She Was a Handful
4. She Cared The Most
5. She Lied A Lot
6. She and I Kissed On Stage
7. She Worked at an Ice Cream Shop
8. She Cheated
9. She Lived In California
10. She Got The Paddle
11. She and I are Just Friends but I’ve Always Wanted More
12. She Lets It Grow, She Cuts It Short, and It Always Looks Good
13. She Wanted a Second Chance
14. She Said I’ll Never Find Love
15. She Likes To Dance
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