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Alcopop Records Release Feature [Feature]

March 7, 2012
Alcopop Records are celebrating this month after two promising releases from the label both on the same day, earlier this week.
First up is The Social Club – melody infused punk power from those ex Captain Everything/ Fireapple Red champs – and, fresh from their days in Reuben and Hundred Reasons (and an Irish tour with Fighting With Wire –Freeze the Atlantic! On CD/digital.
The Social Club
For Dancing EP
Another few months on and another few months stronger, everyones favorite ex-Captain Everythingers, Fireapple Reddians and Wartgore Hellsnickers are back after tours with The Attika State and Saves the Day! This time with even bigger hits, and full page features in Rock Sound and Kerrang? Bastions of taste right? Well you better buy this then. 5 track EP, 10 lucky people who preorder this will win a personal dancing video from band keysman (and drinking legened) Paul Terris. Which will be the best thing you’ve ever seen! Expect a summer of touring and festival slots galore – oh and drinking and dancing of course! 
Listen to and download a free track below-

The last time an Alcopop! band nailed a full pager in Rocksound and Kerrang in the same week was back in those heddy days of 2009 with This City (though Jumping Ships did come super close) – so how we cheered as the respective rags dropped this week. Bang. Look at the lads in Rock Sound we mouthed as high fives slapped all around, and lo – there they are dressed as clowns in Kerrang. Lew is reaching for a tiny trumpet we tooted!

We’re still not entirely sure why… But with this magnificent news, we thought it was ride old time to announce the second in a strong trio of EPs dropped by The Social Club… The first was For Drinking, this one is For Dancing! Out on March 5th, this bad boy is all available for pre-order right away… And what’s more, 10 pre-orderers (picked at random) will win a personal dancing video from Paul Terris (aka Pauly von Keys – I just made that up)… Truly a money can’t buy experience.

So here’s that lovely Kerrang piece. And a bit of the new EP (for free download) just to whet your appetite…. Ladies and gentlemen, Somehwere Between the Rut and the Groove! 

For Dancing EP  Available from Banquet, all digital retailers and The Alcopop! Shop for £5:

Freeze the Atlantic
A triumphant return to form from Freeze the Atlantic, the epic rock smashers who have taken 1 part Reuben, 1 part Hundred Reasons and 3 parts pure balls out rock and roll? All mixed together to create something massive! Fresh from their tour with Fighting With Wire in February, this is a 2 track single to get you all excited about the forthcoming album. If ‘THAT’ Hundred Reasons tweet has got you all excited, this issa gonna make you wet!

“Volcanoes” by Freeze The Atlantic (featuring Liv Puente)

Available from all digital retailers and The Alcopop! Shop £2.50:
Alcopop Records-

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