The Saddest Landscape "After The Lights" is Out Now on Topshelf Records; Band Posts Video For "In Love With The Sound [News]

February 17, 2012

The Saddest Landcape’s After The Lights is out now on Topshelf Records

The Saddest Landscape provides cathartic therapy for desperate and dark matters of the heart. With passionate vocals and pummeling, powerful musical landscapes the band never relents nor wavers as they drag you through their own personal hell. Time away has only enhanced The Saddest Landscape’s aggressive vitriol. The band has redefined expectations firmly reestablishing themselves back in a scene that desperately needs them.

After The Lights is available at and at the following retailers:

Amoeba Records
Baker and Taylor
Banana Belt
Boo Boo Records
Canterbury Records
Dearborn Music
Disc Exchange
Exclusive Company
Independent Records and Video
J&R Electronics
Jack’s Music Shoppe
Music Millenium
Newbury Comics
Park Ave/Halfman
Salver’s Merchantile
Silver Platters
Sound Garden
Twist and SHout
Zia Record Exchange
2nd Ave. Records

If you don’t see it at your local music store then be sure to request it!!

What others are saying about The Saddest Landscape’s After The Lights:

“…demands your attention through its sheer force; meaning that an emotional connection with its lyrics is practically hard-wired within a few listens. Impressively, while it’s a particularly abrasive brand of hardcore, it’s packed with instrumental melody, too, which is consistently offset by atonal vocals that drift from spoken word to jarring screams. The clearest thing about the record, though, is its sense of dynamics, making each quiet interlude bristle with atmosphere, only to build up to a powerful release. Stunning.”- Rock Sound

“A powerful record that makes simple and direct messages of love and hope in a genre that’s usually a black cloud.”-

“After the Lights is the very definition of a “great” record.”- Sputnik Music

“There are always those rare instances at the beginning of records – the ones that collapse into a surging rush of harmony and grab you by the neck until you reach the final second of the last song. “In Love With The Sound” is one of those songs.”- Blare Magazine

Band Posts Video For “In Love With The Sound” by Chris from Truro at

A few words from the band about the video:
“Our friend Chris from Truro was nice enough to make us a video for In Love with the Sound. Many thanks to him and everyone else who let us use their photos and video footage from the past few months for it. After the Lights is out today and in stores. Hope you enjoy it.”
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