Talkdemonic Mini-Documentary + "Midcentury Motion" Video [Feature]

February 18, 2012

A short film by Brian Vernor about Talkdemonic, including a music video for “Midcentury Motion.” Here is the idea that motivated the film via Director Brian Vernor:

“My first experience with Talkdemonic was in-concert, at a Cafe Du Nord in San Francisco. The live show was amazing. Kevin is a fantastic drummer. One where you just like to watch him play. Lisa’s playing was unique, I hadn’t heard a Viola used in a rock band as the lead instrument. Both their playing was simply fun to watch, and had raw energy which almost always is associated with LIVE music, and less often associated with recordings. When I was in Portland and I visited Talkdemonic in their practice space I felt just seeing them in this environment projected the same vibe as seeing them live. They are very much a working at-it band, with day jobs, and not fully there rock stars. I think their practice space screamed indie band, in the Portland/West Coast sense. The basement space is so rich with old organs, synths, instruments lying around (so much more personal than the shared storage facilities/practice pads of many big city/east coast/NYC bands). All of the video I’d seen of TalkD was conceptual, taking them out of reality and putting them in a fantastic and dream-like space, and I feel there is a great value in being real in the American indy band sense (“In the garage where I belong…”). To me talk D is a rock band clearly born of endless tinkering and noodling in the basement. They should show that to their audience and that’s what I hoped would come across in the film. Maybe also that they are progressing, working at their sound, creative, artists more than professional, and that in the end the sexiest rock is simply played by two people who feel strongly about the music coming out of them.”

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