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Introducing Sizzle Teen Records

February 13, 2012
Sizzle Teen Records Sets Out to Be Game-Changing Label

VANCOUVER, BC – February 3, 2012. Showcasing hard-working local talents and the revitalization of vinyl are just a few of the key goals Sizzle Teen Records plan on standing firmly behind, and it all started at their label launch party at the Railway Club which took place February 11, 2012. This game-changing event showcased two of the label’s signings: Diamond Dancer and Previous Tenants.

The approach is simple: exposing Vancouver to fresh sounds, released on vinyl and digital only,  and giving ambitious touring bands their due. Sizzle Teen was brought to life by indie rock musician Richie Fudalewski, who felt it was time to give the younger generation a music scene like the one he experienced in Ontario growing up, giving kids a chance attend shows while under the age of 19 and
renewing excitement in discovering new bands and sounds.
“A lot of bands are just spinning their wheels playing Vancouver bars with 30-year-olds who just want to buy beer and are thinking about their rent,” says Fudalewski. “We want to connect those bands with youth again.”
Fudalewski has also noted the gradual decline in the appeal of CDs, and how it is becoming increasingly harder for artists to sell discs; thus Sizzle Teen Records will focus on vinyl and producing music directed to the digital age. 

Sizzle Teen Records’ releases are exclusively vinyl and digital, featuring the best musicians in the great Pacific Northwest.


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