EDILS RECORDINGS- NOW This Is What I Call The FOURTH e.d.i.l.s. recordings Compilation [Free Compilation]

February 4, 2012

Our good friends and great contributors to the music society- Edils Recordings have curated another compilation free to you all, the Fourth in the series and it features our very own Aulos and familiar regulars of the site.

NOW This Is What I Call The FOURTH e.d.i.l.s. recordings Compilation  is the fourth FREE compilation brought to you by EDILS RECORDS. 18 tracks featuring a plethora of great artists from the UK, Ireland and USA.
1) Alta (MI, USA) — Post Hardcore/indierock
2) Aulos (Hereford, UK) — Post Rock/Instrumental
3) Coo Woo (MI, USA) — Indie/Pop/Shoegaze
4) Alpha Male Tea Party (Liverpool, UK) — RIFFCORE
5) Hilary and The Democrats (Liverpool, UK) — Indiepop
6) Alright The Captain (Derby, UK) — Instrumental
7) Ninetails (Liverpool, UK) — Indie/Progressive pop
8) Shoes and Socks Off (London/BSM Records) — Acoustic
9) Wiltz (Wicklow, Ireland) — Instrumental/Post Rock
10) Cavalier Song (Liverpool, UK) — Indie/Experimental
11) Stephen Hudson (Lancaster, UK) — Acoustic/Pop
12) Super Fast Girlie Show (Liverpool, UK) — Punk
13) Torches (London, UK) —- Indierock
14) The Treeman (Liverpool, UK) — Acoustic
15) Puzzle (Liverpool, UK) — Indiepop
16) Speedboat Salesmen (Manchester, UK) — indiemathpoprock
17) White Swallow (Chorley,UK) — Indierock
18) Fascists To Ashes (Norwich, UK) — Grindcore
Collecting the best and featuring many familiar names to our site, the only place to download Aulos’ new single for free,  streaming below and available as a free download listen to the compilation in its entirety-

Thank You James and Phillip of EDILS RECORDINGS for featuring a fantastic array of talent.

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