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Tony Clark (Prawn)- As Dark As a Moonless Night [EP Stream]

January 14, 2012
Tony Clark is well know for his efforts in Ridgeworth, NJ notorious band Prawn who are signed to Topshelf Records. However his name will shortly be recognised for his achievements with his solo work aside from Prawn, Tony has just released a very engaging EP with the help of talented friends.
The New EP features contributions from Kyle Burns – drums, Beatrice Naumann – violin, Frank Graniero – vocals, Blythe Armitage – vocals and Greg Maniago – trumpet,vocals.
“After touring and travelling throughout the summer of 2011, I decided to sit and write some songs away from Prawn. The songs I wrote originally were all acoustic, but as time progressed these 5 songs eventually evolved into more full, robust tunes. After demoing a bunch of them, I decided to invite some friends to play and sing on them. It turns out six different friends and musicians make there way onto this EP. I realise now I couldn’t have done this without them, and for that I am eternally grateful for their generosity and skill – Kyle Burns, Beatrice Naumann, Blythe Armitage, Frank Graniero, Greg Maniago, and Greg Dunn. I plan on playing a few shows and seeing what the future holds. Thanks for giving me your time and ears”
1. Cat Crawl
2. Sans-Culottes
3. Winter is Coming
4. Subversive Bodies
5. Neural Pathways
Listen to As Dark As A Moonless Night streaming in full below and available as a free download 
Artwork by Kate Eige.
Make sure you get your copy of this beautiful record now.

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