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Tief in Marcellos Schuld Records – Always wanted War ‘-Minus’ and rha ‘+plus’ album releases [News +Stream]

January 8, 2012

 TIEF IN MARCELLOS SCHULD are a little Record label based in Germany. This label are doing great things for artists all around the world and priding themselves n their DIY ethics. That’s what we love. Nicholas and Dennis founded the record label back in 2008 and its still going strong. Based in northern Germany the DIY label tend not to  focus on a particular Genre but aim to release music they really like. At the moment its a lot of Punk/Hardcore Sound.
All the Releases are pretty limited with the goal to make all releases something special.
The label have just released two new efforts. The first from Always wanted War with their album entitled ‘-Minus’ and the second from rha with their album ‘+plus’.
The new rha. LP on green-transparent Vinyl. 6 Songs in a hand-screenprinted Cover. limited to 200 pieces.
Artwork by Matthias Müller
A Co-release with Brückentick Records and Blindman Melodies.


1. Gewohnheitstier Mensch
2. Firmament
3. leinen los
4. zeitlos
5. der Preis ist der Wahnsinn
6. Märchenstunde

The new Always wanted War LP on blue-transparent Vinyl in a handscreenprinted Cover. Limited to 200 pieces.

Artwork by Matthias Müller
Again a co-release with  Brückentick Records, Break the Silence Records and Blindman Melodies


1. The long way home
2. Reality
3. Stray
4. Winters bane
5. Twisting Knife
6. The Oldmaster
7. Dancing through Time will never be the same
8. The Neighborhood

Both these titles from the new Always Wanted War and rha are available together in a limited edition CD available from Tief in Marcellos Schuld Records Shop.

Visit their shop here-

For More Info:!/marcellosschuld

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