Rock vs. Cancer- Teeth- A Powerful Project – Follow Up

January 28, 2012
Just a few weeks ago we featured an article we urged you all to read.
We introduced you to Teeth.
Daily we bring you news posts, interviews, features and introduce you to new talent. We bring stories of tours, band accomplishments, label announcements. And each thing we post honestly means something otherwise it wouldn’t be featured here at Circuit Sweet. However now we bring you a truly heroic story from an artist we need you to listen to. A project which in no time at all will be known by many for this one man’s efforts. Already this musician and his story has reached so many- having been mentioned on News Channels and Forums throughout the web. We introduce you to John Grabski III and his project Teeth.
You can become familiar with the story and read the feature again here.
Since posting about Teeth we’ve been inundated with your thoughts on the release and the musician and we’ve had some fantastic input from our readers.
Comments such as-
“This story is immensely deserving, important, and moving. Thank you, Circuit Sweet, for publishing such a well-written and informative article on the subject. I, for one, eagerly await the release of (among later material) The Strain; both to witness its emergence and influence, as well as to cherish the opportunity to own and connect with what I anticipate to be one of the most unique, unfeigned, and profound records of my generation. “Rock vs. Cancer”… I suspect that in this case, cancer doesn’t have a fighting chance.”
Matt Czuba, New Jersey
“i cannot possibly express how deeply grateful i am that john has had the opportunity to touch my life…i get teary-eyed just thinking about this…we were in school together, and our daughters had “play dates” before they were even out of newborn clothing (LOL!)…we lost touch over the years, as people tend to do when they grow older…and then, thanks to facebook and a couple of yard sales, we stumbled across each other and have stayed in ‘facebook’ contact…it is actually only recently that i stopped for a moment to really read about the things that he was doing, this project being one of the biggest…i am absolutely determined to do anything i can to help him succeed (whether he likes it or not!) because i don’t know what else to do…and because, now, there appears to be nothing anyone can do…and, yet, even with “the end” looming closer every single day, do you know that john grabski III takes the time to find positivity, to be an example of the type of person i wish i could be? i cannot adequately express the awe in which i am whenever i think of john and his struggle. and this is what i wish for everyone who is honored enough to experience TEETH: to find and feel the awe – NOT to fixate on the cancer victim, NOT to fixate on what they think the “message” is, but to hear and to feel the music.”

– Lisa Dean
“This guy is really something”
– Cindy Brown
After speaking with the editor of the paper that one half of the site (myself, Naomi) works at- she too found the project one to talk about it. Teeth and Circuit Sweet have been featured in this week’s paper of The Ross Gazette. Of which you can find that article below-
We’ve even been mentioned on Rock critic Everett True’s site. 
We really do appreciate all the response and we are keeping in close contact with John to bring you the latest Teeth news. We will also be reviewing the album shortly.
Since the feature the artwork has been previewed which you can find below.
Listen to a new demo ‘A Brush with Life’ streaming here.
The Strain will be available in February 2012, with the follow-up album Release available a few months later. After promoting the forthcoming release, friends family and the copious amount of strangers who this story affected all helped towards funding of the record.
Regarding the album release-
– Vinyl jackets have started production!
– Vinyl pressing’s about to start!
– CD production is about to start!
– Album ordering setup has commenced!

Here’s what you’ll be able to order:

Physical copy 1: LP Only
Physical copy 2: LP with CD
Download 1: digital download (lossless FLAC format)
Download 2: digital download (320k mp3 format)
Download 3: individual downloads of tracks, FLAC or MP3 format

Merchandise will be coming soon as well; posters and t-shirts

Visit Teeth at any of the following links:

Rock Vs Cancer. Rock Wins.

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