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Introducing George Ezra

January 18, 2012
One of our first introducing features of the year is pure talent at its finest. Our aim is to discover and promote deserving acts; George Ezra is just that. George hails from Hertford but resides in Bristol where he is currently studying at BIMM. An artist who at present is under the radar- but we can assure you this won’t be for long. George has an incredible amount of potential and a name we can guarantee will become a regular feature at Circuit Sweet.
George Barnett whose stage name is George Ezra  is a young Hertford/Bristol based solo artist who refreshingly offers a mature outlook to an acoustic act. Providing heartfelt melodic compositions aided by unique and beautiful vocals. George is basking in his talents to deliver powerful emotion and authentic sincerity within each effort. His love for what he does shines through in both live performances and recorded creations (all of which streaming below).
We were Lucky enough to interview George regarding his aspirations, musical directions and more. In hope to gain more knowledge on a man who is soon to accomplish a great deal. We exclusively bring you George Barnett’s first ever interview.
Firstly thank you George for your time with us.
  • Firstly we want to get to know more on you- How long have you been playing and performing live?
I played my first gig when I was around 13/14 at a venue called The Marquee, it’s has been shut down for a number of years now. Which is a real shame for Hertford. I remember I did the vocals for ‘Teenage Dirt Bag’. I can only imagine was interesting to say the least. Then It’s never really stopped. Last year was the first year that I was playing on my own with no other projects going on. It’s interesting how having a band behind you effects your writing, it slowed me right down. I’m guessing that’s down to me being to harsh on my work.
  • What outside influences trigger your creativity and inspires your compositions?
  I’ve often found that reading is a massive inspiration for me, I guess that has something to do with the fact that everybody relates to different characters in different ways. I’ve always found that interesting. Then little things such as, people watching or listening in to others conversations, not in a nosey way! Just out of interest. You often don’t catch the whole conversation, so the rest you can leave to your imagination.
  • You are currently studying at Bimm, Bristol- Whats the course like and how is it aiding your musical direction?
So far Bimm has been brilliant, I’ve met plenty of like minded and lovely people. I’ve also bumped into one or two fairly arrogant characters but that can’t be helped. I’m sure you get them in all walks of life. I get the feeling I’m becoming more confident in my writing and I’m enjoying that aspect of it all. As for musical direction, I’m really not sure about my direction at the moment. I’m enjoying learning what I am, and I guess the direction will fall naturally over time.
  • Do you have many live shows and if so what do your live performances posses?
Last term I barely played live at all. This term I’m already aiming to play at least one open mic night a week, just for the opportunity to play live. Then I have a few gigs booked over the next few months, I’m hoping to pencil in a few more dates soon though! Since performing as a solo act I’ve never possessed much physical stage performance, I hate the image of somebody piling on the energy so much that they just look foolish. Of course, a lot of energy goes into my performance but not in a physical way. Does that make sense? Who knows.
  • Describe your writing process.
I find the best way I write is just by holding on to one lyric, a simple line or maybe two. Not trying to force anything from it and waiting until I happen to stumble across either a guitar chord sequence that really fits the mood, or another set of lyrics that really fit with it. I’ve never been one of these people that says “Rightio, I’m going to write a song now.” And an hour later they’ve got the finished product and a title to go with it. I’ve only recently started to write my lyric ideas down, which is crazy how long I got away with not doing so. But I’m already benefiting from doing so.
  • As an artist what are your aspirations you’d like to achieve with your talent?
I’d just love to be lucky enough to keep playing for as long as possible. If I could make a living from being a musician I’d be absolutely chuffed. Imagine that! Hey, I’ve got myself a little set of goals that I don’t voice out loud. We’ll have to wait and see.
  • Is there a favourite label you’d like to work with/ Favourite band-artist you’d like to team up with and why.
When growing up and listening to a lot of indie bands I was a massive fan of Rough Trade, they had The Libertines, Babyshambles, The View, The Mystery Jets. Then a while back they signed Dylan LeBlanc who I absolutely love! But these days I know nothing of the record labels. I’ll have a little nosey and see what’s going on. As for bands and artists, well now then. I wouldn’t know where to start, but let’s say I’d love to play with Dylan LeBlanc and his band!
  • What can we look forward to from yourself in the next year?
Well, I’m aiming to have an ep all set up and ready to go at some point. It’s still early days so I can’t really give the time of year and what not. But yes, an ep and a lot more gigs in the Bristol area! Who knows!
  • All featured artists are asked this- What album or track has been stuck on your turntable, ipod, cd player for a while now?
Ooooooo this was the year I got really into The Cat Empire, the album Two Shoes was a sessioned a lot by us back at home.
  • Any last words?
Thank you very much for having me!!!
– Thank you!
You can watch a live performance of George performing his song Angry Hill for Bristol Couch.
Music Copyright reserved by George Ezra.
Image Copyright reserved by Bristol Couch.
Listen and download George’s single ‘Hold‘ streaming via his soundcloud and available as a free download.
Hold by georgebarnettsound
George is currently creating more sites for you to visit, when these are live we will of course connect you but for now keep closer to George Barnett via his soundcloud which features more free downloads.

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