Escaping The Ordinary: Volume Three [Free Compilation]

January 30, 2012
Ty Griffin  curated this fantastic free compilation. Ty’s passion and honest love for music is shown throughout his work. He is a co-founder of Exploding In Sound Records, a partner/contributor for Exploding In Sound, (all of which regularly mentioned here at Circuit Sweet) and manages online promotions with Pop Up Records and Songs of Farewell and Departure: A Tribute to HUM

ESCAPING THE ORDINARY is back AGAIN with Volume Three featuring more music than Volumes One and Two combined. The third installment of the ETO compilation series is 3-disc gauntlet with over 50 bands and artists that span Texas and the globe. Taking on a compilation of this magnitude was definitely a challenge to say the least. Now, I challenge you to experience all of the rock music on Volume Three and see if your mind can handle it. Back by popular demand, Escaping The Ordinary presents…. 
Escaping The Ordinary: Volume 3 Tracklisting
Disc 1
1. Caspian – Of Foam and Wave
2. Auxiliary Voice – The Garden
3. Dead Letter Circus – Alien
4. Fair To Midland – Golden Parachutes
5. Junius – The Time of Perfect Virtue
6. (Damn) This Desert Air – Hanger
7. Moving Atlas – Machina
8. Trebuchet – Collision
9. The House Harkonnen – Ocean
10. He Is Legend – Dicephalous
11. Newtown Knife Gang – Words
12. Pile – Don’t Touch Anything
13. Aficionado – Honesty (featuring Travis Shettel)
14. The Commotion – Carry On
15. RTB2 – Another Black Beauty
16. Ha Ha Tonka – Usual Suspects
17. House of Fools – Love
18. –darroh – Her Eyes Are Underneath The Ground (Antony and The Johnsons)

Disc 2
1. And So I Watch You From Afar – Lifeproof
2. Black Books – Favorite Place
3. Rishloo – Diamond Eyes
4. Thursday – Fast To The End
5. Nothing More – Salem
6. Closure In Moscow – We Want Guarantees, Not Hunger Pains
7. White Elephant – Kill The Headlights & Drive!
8. New Magnetic North – The Owls Are Not What They Seem
9. Zlam Dunk!! – Vice
10. Silver Snakes – Lungs and Lanterns
12. Ursa – Aim To Please
13. Riverboat Gamblers – A Choppy, Yet Sincere Apology
14. Magnet School – The Sitch
15. Heypenny – Angels and Arches
16. Dredg – Down Without A Fight
17. Infinite Third – Cosmic Laughter
18. (Damn) This Desert Air – Made of Gold
Disc 3

1. Killington Fall – Eventide, The Dark
2. Actors&Actresses – Animals
3. The Angelus – Turned To Stone
4. InAeona – Soldier
5. Alpha Stasis – Sometime I Feel Like I’m From The Future
6. The March of The Bull – Awaiting Arrival
7. Black Devil Yard Boss – Mistakes
8. The Nicholsons – Deep Throat
9. Shaolin Death Squad – Centipede
10. Redefine – Cut The Cord
11. Aperture – How We Fall
12. Pictures In Sound – Constantine (Look Before You Leap)
13. Saintkarla – Dark Skies
14. Beta State – Into The Lights
15. John Miller – Sing Softer
16. Grady Spencer and The Griswulds – Baby (The Matt and Ann Song)
17. Gaston Light – Half Awake
18. Paco Estrada – I Can Talk You Into Anything
Listen to this fantastic compilation streaming below-

FREE download available at escapingtheordinary.net/volume-three 

About Escaping the Ordinary

ESCAPING THE ORDINARY: The act of showcasing qualities that make one unique; showing what sets one apart from everyone else. This mantra is the foundation that Escaping The Ordinary is based on. Founded in Dallas, Texas in 2010, ETO was created to be a positive hub for people to discover how they relate and differ from others. Through this site, an array of articles are posted including interviews, Spotlights, free music compilations, and more. The idea is to showcase how people are escaping the ordinary in their lives and inspire others to the same.
Support Ty’s continuing support for talented musicians by downloading and sharing the free compilation streaming below. Its passionate people such as Ty who connect you with more

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