Seven Nines and Tens- Habitat 67 [Album Stream]

December 18, 2011
Seven Nines And Tens have outdone themselves in this tremendous album release from our favourite Vancouver band.
Notably this release prides the maturity of the band and the next exciting step in their career. 
Seven Nines and Tens recorded and produced these songs with their friend Hayz Fisher between October 2010 and October 2011 at the Dead Room and Factory Studios in Vancouver. Habitat 67 was produced by Seven Nines and Tens and Hayz Fisher. All tracks mixed by Hayz Fisher (featured on several effects and keys throughout the release) and all tracks mastered by good friend Adam Veenendaal.

Habitat 67 Tracklisting: 
1. Thermocapsulary Dehousing Assister 
2. A.S.O.H.A 
3. Crystalline Xanthine Alkaloid 
4. Microchasm 
5. The Watch that Ends the Night 
6. Saga of Butyric Fermentation 
7. I Grow Tired 
8. Retrograde Orbit 
9. Famke Jannsenn
10. Voir Dire 
11. Day of the Living 

Streaming in its entirety get your copy now-
We’ve worked with this band a lot here at Circuit Sweet and will continue to support the men, if you’d like to get to know them more, theres a string of interviews and features all found here. 

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