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December 20, 2011
As the countdown to the end of the year approaches we take a personal look back on our familiar names, features and musicians’ top releases of the past 12 months.

This year has stood out for incredible releases and even more so for uncovering exceptional talent; most of which discovered, promoted and featured right on this site.
Continuing our feature is Pipedream, a 3 piece Cardiff based Pop Punk Band. 

 We discovered Pipedream during Into It Over It/ Koji headlining live UK tour reached Newport. where the 3 were fitting support for the two musicians’ at Le Pub. 
 Tom, BT and Harry comprise the outfit which are influenced by 90’s emo with a bit of Jawbreaker and Mock Orange within that influential mix. Together they provide captivating hooks and a dirty deliverance, true to their 90’s prominence. 
 The band have had a productive year with several incredible live performances, a demo release and a second pressing of their tape release amongst gaining a respectable following. We will be hearing more from Pipedream in the following few months.
We were lucky enough to hear from the whole band regarding their top releases.
Pipedream Top Releases: 
As a whole band we really dug:

Shed – Title fight

There was a big expectation on this record and they more than lived up to it. It’s the perfect balance between emo and hardcore.

Into it. Over it. – Proper

We were looking forward to this since playing with Evan and its just a hell of a record. Hes put out so much good music before this but proper is just a stormer. Every song shines in someway and its maybe the best record of the year to us. Not leaving the CD player for while this one.

Tom’s pick – Disguised as ghosts – Mock orange


I first got into this band after listening to their first two records a lot with harry, they were both emo records from the ’90s. However, their newer stuff is totally different. ‘Disguised As Ghosts’ is the best record I’ve heard all year simply because of the bands ability to compile such sweet sounding melodies and harmonies with subtle technicalities in their playing. I think its a real challenge to make something so technical playing-wise sound so easy on the ears, they’re the best band.

BT’s Pick – What keeps you breathing – The living daylights

This album blew me away. These boys really stepped it up a gear since the last record. They’ve been through a lot with members leaving and label problems but its lead to an amazing record. One of the uk’s best pop punk bands? I’d vote for them.

Harry’s pick – Agent/Polygon split

More on the Polygon side of things mind. I think the Agent side probably got more attention, but the two Polygon songs, in my opinion, were better. Polygon dont really sound like anything I’ve come across, more on the indie/old emo side of things, yet different. Their side of the split was just pleasant, a treat for the ol’ ears. I expect good things from this band.

Favourite show played

Our favourite show to play this year was the show in Koko gorillas in Cardiff. It was our last show for year and some of our good friends bands played [Dividers, Forrest, Question the mark, Hip flask] and the vibe was just one super big party. We played a jawbreaker cover and everyone got stoked. Best show ever! Though playing with koji and into it over it was pretty rad too!

Favourite show we’ve been to this year

Favourite show we’ve been to this year? Title fight in the Fleece in Bristol. Every band killed it and the venue was perfect for it. BT saw title fight a few years ago in Newport and said it was on par if not better than that. So much energy and everyone was moving. Just an awesome show.

’12 plans

Our plans for ’12 are pretty much just get out there a bit more. We have our new EP called shell coming out on tape for what we should be doing at the end of January / early February. Gav is a dude and we like working with him. Tapes are the future! We are gonna sort out getting some shirts and merch for shows then its just getting as many shows as we can. We’re playing with some awesome bands in January like football etc, Forrest, Dividers, Sharks don’t sleep and Our time down here. Be nice to get out of wales as well and get some shows over the bridge but well still have a load of cool shows here too. We might even tour in the summer. We’ve talked about it with another welsh band so hopefully we can work something out. Wow we almost sound like a real band now. Scary.

Thank You Pipedream and we can only wish you our support and good luck for next year, no doubt we will be featuring a live show of yours soon !
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Pipedream images by Oli Montez

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