Old Gray & Girl Scouts Split [Feature + Stream]

December 24, 2011
In what can only be described as one great Christmas present; Girl Scouts and Old Gray have just released their split single. 
Girl Scouts are a familiar name and friends to the site and this release on their behalf is resonating in maturity, a promising new leap for the band in the vast amount of opportunities they will endeavour as their deserved hype continues. The trio hailing from  Philadelphia consits of P.J Carroll, Tyler Minford and Logan Zoghby. In a previous feature of the band we stated that Girl Scouts have the energy and power to become a well known band for their efforts within their community. As big named bands such as Snowing and Grown Ups have sadly come to an end, its now time for Girl Scouts to continue their legacy, gaining many fans and themselves benefit what they deserve. – This release backs that statement.
For those unaware of Old Gray they too deserve a lot of credit. Unbelievably they’ve only been practising together since April of this year and already have released several outstanding compositions. Proving that their talent, creativity and passion have the ability to get their efforts noticed. A band that needs to be heard.  Old Gray on record are made up of:  Cameron Boucher – guitar and vocals,  Raphael Bastek – guitar and vocals,  Zane McDaniel – bass,  Charlie Singer- drums.  During various live performances they are joined by: Cormac Doherty- bass, Bradley Schneider- bass, Bob Pearsall- vocals, Jacob Letizia- guitar and Conor Knox – bass. 
Girl Scouts
1. Buh Buh Bubbaram
2. Free Slurpee Day
Old Gray
1. At the End of the Day
2. Our Hearts Remain the Same
Girl Scouts-
Thanks to Old Gray, Pat and everyone else who helped create, and inspire these songs. if we run outta free downloads: www.mediafire.com?3cjl38em94a5jzj
Released 24 December 2011
Produced by: Patrick Loundas
Mastered by: Patrick Loundas
Old Gray-
Released 24 December 2011
We’d like to thank everyone involved for helping us out for this split! Girl Scouts is a great band and we can’t thank them enough for doing this with us.
Produced by Zak Ickes
Mastered by Patrick Loundas
The outstanding efforts from the two talented bands are set to be pressed to cassette thanks to Carucage Records shortly.
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