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Introducing TRAILS

November 6, 2011
Introducing TRAILS, a new, young 4 piece from Guilford and Brighton.
TRAILS consist of Sam Hopper- Vocals and Guitar, Will Duff- Guitar and Vocalsm Adam Rains- Drums and Vocals and James Candler- Bass and Vocals. 
TRAILS have just  released their fantastic and much anticipated debut, 6-track, self-titled EP which saw light on October 10th.
 This first EP is just the start of TRAILS potential and showcases a band willing to take risks, be brave but also make music they love AND have fun with it.
TRAILS recorded the EP in December 2010 with James Kenosha (Dinosaur Pile Up, Pulled Apart By Horses, Grammatics). So far, the band have only released a limited 7” of the single (and EP track) ‘All the Other Humans’, which came with custom, hand painted artwork AND was part of the excellent Big Scary Monsters Singles Club (27th June) –
The band then released the EP track ‘Before I Begin’ as a FREE download.
Before I Begin Official Video
 In just 6 months of their existence, TRAILS have played shows and toured with the likes of The Computers, Tellison, Gay For Johnny Depp, Arcane Roots, Cubrik and Polar as well as play both the 2011 Great Escape and Beach Break Festivals. 
Trails Tracklisting 
1. All The Other Humans
2. Before I Begin
3. One In Three (Shotgun Not Me)
4. We’ve Got It All Right Here
5. Social Constructionists
6. I Am Alive And You Are Dead
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