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Introducing Girl Scouts

November 20, 2011
Introducing Girl Scouts
Philadelphia’s Punk trio consists of P.J Carroll, Tyler Minford and Logan Zoghby. Girl Scouts was originally a side project of their post-rock band, Pursuit (, which is currently on an indefinite hiatus.
With influences such as Algernon Cadwallader, Castevet and American Football to name a few; here’s a band with a fitting influential intention for their own introducing feature here at Circuit Sweet.
Girl Scouts have the energy and power to become a well known band for their efforts within their community. As big named bands such as Snowing and Grown Ups have sadly come to an end, its now time for Girl Scouts to continue their legacy, gaining many fans and themselves benefit what they deserve. Here’s a band who will become more in due course. 
Girl Scouts maintain a punk core and add a sincere melodic fun attribute within their mathy, emo like crossing genre orchestrations. A strong band with a fresh look on not only the live scene but their recordings too.

Girl Scouts – Superbowl Birthday Party //BUMMER ZONE SESSIONS//

Recent news stated the band are set to release a 3 way split with former labelmates Old Gray and previously featured Olde Pine; the band are overcoming the end of their original label BummerZone Records and directing their abilities into promising and exciting releases for the future.
You can download Girl Scouts 2011 demo thanksalot for free via mediafire- or streaming below via bandcamp.

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