Escaping The Ordinary: Volume Two [Free Compilation]

November 1, 2011
ESCAPING THE ORDINARY is back with Volume Two featuring music from 23 bands that must be heard. The second installment of the ETO compilation series is continuing its mission of compiling bands and artists that set themselves apart from the ordinary and will never fade into the scenery. Broaden your musical horizon with this FREE download that continues to showcase bands that are on the forefront of everything that is right in rock music. Back by popular demand, Escaping The Ordinary presents….


1. DEADHORSE – No Particular Night Or Morning

2. Black Books – The Big Idea

3. Dredg – Quotes

4. Demians – Swing of the Airwaves

5. Fair To Midland – Amarillo Sleeps on My Pillow

6. Nothing More featuring Paco Estrada – Bullets And Blue Eyes

7. Dead Letter Circus – Disconnect And Apply

8. Trebuchet – Cowboy Rick

 9. Arctic Sleep – Mossweaver

10. Constants – The Sun, The Earth

11. The Spectacle – Greed Feeding Youth

12. The Phuss – Something To Die For
13. Here Holy Spain – Sick Again
14. My Spiral Arm – Too Many Times
15. Mission Red – Shifter
16. Dawn Over Zero – Carry Me Home
17. Pictures in Sound – Chemicals
18.  theendisthebeginning – Tropics
19. The Trophy Fire – Modern Hearts
20. Beta State – Stars
21. the last place you look – Band To Save Me
22. Infinite Third – Morning Comets
23. Psychic Babble – Five Fold Kiss (Don’t Sleep)
Ty Griffin  curated this fantastic free compilation. Ty’s passion and honest love for music is shown throughout his work. He is a co-founder of Exploding In Sound Records, a partner/contributor for Exploding In Sound, (all of which regularly mentioned here at Circuit Sweet) and manages online promotions with Pop Up Records and Songs of Farewell and Departure: A Tribute to HUM
About Escaping the Ordinary

ESCAPING THE ORDINARY: The act of showcasing qualities that make one unique; showing what sets one apart from everyone else. This mantra is the foundation that Escaping The Ordinary is based on. Founded in Dallas, Texas in 2010, ETO was created to be a positive hub for people to discover how they relate and differ from others. Through this site, an array of articles are posted including interviews, Spotlights, free music compilations, and more. The idea is to showcase how people are escaping the ordinary in their lives and inspire others to the same.

Support Ty’s continuing support for talented musicians by downloading and sharing the free compilation streaming below. Its passionate people such as Ty who connect you with more –

Escaping The Ordinary: Volume Three is coming in January 2012.
Artwork-Craig Cirinelli with HOUSEWITHOUTWALLS Design

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