EDILS RECORDINGS- If You Like Me It Makes You More Attractive [Free Compilation]

November 2, 2011
As mentioned in our recent Worry Party Introducing Feature– Edils Recordings have curated another compilation free to you all.
IF YOU LIKE ME IT MAKES YOU MORE ATTRACTIVE is the third FREE compilation brought to you by EDILS RECORDS. 16 tracks featuring artists from the USA, Finland and this time around the bulk are from the UK.
1 – Bonehouse – from Dundee Scotland (Indierock/Emocore)
2 – Zola – from Northampton England (mathrock/indie)
3 – Waking Aida – from Southampton England (Post rock/Instrumental)
4 – Vasco Da Gama –  from Liverpool England (indiepop)
5 – Cosmobile – from Helsinki Finland (indiepop)
6 – Arcs & Trauma – from Hartlepool England (mathrock/indie)
7 – Heister –  from Florida USA (indiepop/lo-fi)
8 – Worry Party –  from Newcastle England (indierock)
9 – Richard Parker –  from Leeds England (Post rock/Instrumental
10 – Elk – from Grimsby England (Indierock/pop)
11 – The 255s – from Manchester England (punkrock/Indierock)
12 – MinionTV –  from Liverpool England (Post rock/Instrumental)
13 – Olympians –  from Norwich England (Indiepop/rock_
14 -Living Commontree –  from Manchester England (Post rock/Instrumental)
15 – Dinosaurs Are Shit Dragons –  from Blackpool England (members of GOONIES NEVER SAY DIE (punk/”alternative”)
16 – Burning Buildings –  from Warrington England (Indierock)
Collecting the best and featuring many familiar names to our site, streaming below and available as a free download listen to the compilation in its entirety-

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