The Continuous Battle Of Order- PTTRN SKRS [Album Stream]

October 8, 2011

The Experimental Polyryhtmic Avant Rock Greatness that is The Continuous Battle of Order are comprised of Guitarist Hornby and Drummer Craig Kearney, previously of Belfast trio We Are Knives.
Signed to one of our favourites; Richter Collective.
Their 2010 Debut album PTTRN SKRS is streaming below, for those that have yet to hear their material.
Released through the Richter Collective April 2010. Available in independent Record Stores or from richtercollective.com
The album has been designed to be gapless. If using iTunes please check that ‘gapless album’ is selected.
Recorded- Dave McCullough
Mastered- James Plotkin
Art- Craig Potterton
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