PAUS- Deixa-me Ser [Video]

October 29, 2011
The  Lisbon group (Portuguese for “sticks” or “drum sticks”) have a debut self titled  LP coming out soon and an EP out now: É Uma Água.
PAUS is what happens when Joaquim Albergaria, Hélio Morais, Makoto Yagyu and João Pereira get together at the studio, along with a Siamese drum, a bass bigger than your Mom and keyboards that make you feel things.

Put your hands in your mouth.
Even if you’re the only one that can see it, believe that there’s nothing more to believe than what you see.
Avoid nostalgia and put yourself in strange places.
Bend and you’ll be unbreakable.
Fail. Speak in tongues.
Do epic shit.

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