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Oli Montez – Haikyo [CS.S#2]

October 6, 2011
Circuit Sweet Sessions- Stripped Down.
In another instalment of a Circuit Sweet Session, we provide an intimately filmed performance of a musician whose talents favor not only our name, but involvements with Aulos and Screaming Tiger. This time stepping out of the large scaled powerful eminence that surrounds the involvement with recognized named bands‘, Oli Montez performs an exclusive stripped back acoustic orchestration. Highlighting abilites that cover afar but still in keeping with his known traits.
Oli Montez – Haikyo [Circuit Sweet Media]
Oli Montez – Haikyo [Circuit Sweet Media] from Circuit Sweet Media on Vimeo.
For More Info on Aulos:

For More Info on Screaming Tiger:!/Screaming_Tiger…
More Circuit Sweet Sessions to follow.

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