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Introducing Little Kingdoms

October 27, 2011

Little Kingdoms is a two-man experiment from Wayne, PA featuring Justin Berger and Jake Holden. They released ‘The Willow EP’ in November, 2008 and ‘Home’ in September, 2011.

The live shows Little Kingdoms produced were composed of guitar, bass, and drums. Justin and Jake alternated playing drums and guitar while Jeremy Weinberger laid down bass. All the live songs were put together by the trio and four of the tracks were recorded in 2009 but never released. Justin looks forward to recovering and mastering the long lost tracks while he continues to record with Jake and play in a new band, Delaise, with his brother and friend.

Little Kingdoms released “Home EP” in September of 2011. All three songs played by Justin, Jake, and Mike.

Download their three track Home EP for free, streaming below via their bandcamp-

‘Home’ is Little Kingdoms second release.

The three song EP was recorded at the G-rage during the summer of 2011. Created in its entirety by Justin Berger, Mike Berger, and Jake Holden. Released September 6th, 2011 (Unsigned).

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