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Introducing Dios Trio

October 25, 2011

A 4 piece Instrumental Band from Westborough MA. Consisting of Tim Longo, Tony Kissell, Justin Brown and Sam Perry.
Originally a trio hence the name, this band have not only grown in numbers but grown in creative strength. Maintain their Math Rock influences, Dios Trio have created a record which achieves so much more. Powerfully fusing multiple genres to create a unique and throughouly enjoyable release.
Without a doubt find of the month!
01. Yo, Duh
02. Japan
03. High On Bikes
04. Pip
05. Squeak
06. Chef
07. Minzi
08. Spoons
09. Fast Car
You can download their album release High On Bikes for free found streaming below, or available as a name your price download.
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Dios Trio
Photography/Art Design by Dios Trio
Released 20th September 2011.
Get More:!/diostrio

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